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Big issue on galactic assault ! More than 4 heroes at a given time

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edited August 8
There a big glitch right now in the game.
I was playing a game of galactic assault on naboo and the ennemy team had always more heroes than us, up to 6 heroes at the same time !

here's a picture of the scoreboard during the game.
you can see that the ennemy team was able to spawn 6 heroes while we weren't.

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  • Cyro
    396 posts Member
    not sure if thats a bug or bad game design.

    DICE, i think the time has come to limit Heroes to 2 per side in Galactic Assault and to cap them to the correct era. we finally have enough heroes to do so! then i may play Galactic Assault again. But i just cant take Grievous on Hoth or Kylo Ren on Geonosis anymore. thats why i stopped playing this mode.
  • vonVile
    412 posts Member
    Yay, the BF1 Hero bug is back!!!
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