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Most annoying part of Battlefront 2

For a game that is full of bugs, glitches, and other annoyances, the worst thing to me is the way that the characters can't move past small obstacles easily. In Heroes vs Villains, many if not most confrontations come down to who gets stuck first. For example, someone will be blocking and backing up, and they'll be stopped by some small but unmovable object like a log, or chair, in their path just long enough to lose the confrontation. This is a design flaw rather than a technical issue. There is no reason why a character should be stopped by an object that is too small to be within the player's view when they are right next to it and facing it not looking downward. The characters should automatically move past it in some way, they should not come to a hard stop.


  • Cyro
    396 posts Member
    ....a Chair is supposed to be too small to stop a player? what?
  • OcDoc
    2021 posts Member
    Doesn’t really bother me but I get what you are talking about.

    Maybe they could remove a few random items but honestly it really does make the game look a lot better. Still, a rock or chair here and there in high traffic spots could alleviate some annoying moments.

    Played 2015 SWBF not to long ago and it was really evident just how bare and boring the terrain was. Same thing with some other shooters out there. Once I got used to the graphics in this game it kinda spoiled me and made it hard to go backwards but I might be a little more visually oriented than the average person.

    At this point, I know the maps so well that it almost never affects my play.
  • Cyro wrote: »
    ....a Chair is supposed to be too small to stop a player? what?

    Yeah, those little chairs in Mos Eisley that look like they're made of wicker, but are as immovable as a brick wall. The player doesn't have to be able to go through the chairs, but at least automatically slide around them. When you back into a couple of the chairs, or similar small obstacles, sometimes your stuck in 2 or 3 directions.
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