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Lightsaber-only HvV

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Ben and the rest of the team:

If indeed an HvV mode limited to lightsaber-heroes only is being considered, I’d like to add my two cents.

I’d only care about a lightsaber-only mode if hero abilities were extremely limited or completely disabled. Force-hero combat has completely devolved into ability spamming. Actual duels rarely happen. My experience has been that the vast majority of lightsaber combat consists of holding block until someone misfires (or lands) an ability, then either running away until said ability is recharged, or spamming swing at the successfully pushed/pulled/frozen/choked opponent. Then rinse, dry, repeat.

Maybe if abilities were extremely limited perhaps with extremely long cool downs, or perhaps each force hero only getting one of their three or four abilities at all, this might be solved. But if we’re going to have lightsaber-only HvV, then my vote is literally make it lightsabers only. Swing, block, dash, jump and stamina. That’s it.

Let’s go boys!

Thanks for all you do.
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