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Lightsaber spam still works?

As the title says, i think i'm done with HvV. I love playing Kylo, i can play him well. I just had a match with a lvl 50+ Rey and a lvl 30+ Anakin, i was holding block and all they were doing was spamming attack, and i ended up dead no matter how hard i was dodging and blocking. Literally all you have to do to win is spam attack i realized.


  • The game mode is totally broke rn.
    HvV is the gamemode I played the most.
    But it isn't fun anymore cause as you said when 2 or more People attack me and I am trying to dash away and jump, they hit me from 5 meters away in the middle of the air.
  • Attack spamming is still problem, I suggested saber clash which will reduce spamming when light sabers are stuck together and then you have small timeframe to dodge attack, but now it is only magnetic saber attack spamming and there is little you can do.
  • OcDoc
    1675 posts Member
    Don’t hold block.
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