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Hero "saving" CS

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I am pretty sure a lot of people already talked or mentioned that, but I want to say what I think.
Btw it's my first discussion here.

So what's really **** me of is that when you're playing with a hero in CS and you're about switching in the Ship-Phase, is that someone who have a better connection (I guess?) can steal your hero.
It's not funny anyways but it's really annoying when you have got a killstreak.
This happens 50% the time I am playing CS.
Yesterday I had a 46 killstreak with Anakin and then it went to the Ship-Phase.
Someone choose him before I could( I was pressing the X button as fast as I could).
So it would be very nice if the hero is "locked" for other players.
If the hero player don't want to play anymore with him, he could select another trup and the hero would be unlocked.
I am pretty sure it is not only my "problem".
Feel free to tell me your opinion.
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