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Am I the only one having this problem?

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Hello am I the only one having this problem?
Sometimes when I'm playing , the videogame crashes. It closes unexpectedly and I think I read more players are having this problem since the last update ( General Skywalker and Naboo CS)
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  • Cyro
    396 posts Member
    Please fix your CapsLock Key first.
  • OcDoc
    2021 posts Member
    What does “I can’t play CALMLY” mean?

    BTW - They can’t know how to fix THIS issue if you don’t show them some sort of screenshot or video or even a detailed explanation of THE problem.
  • Wookies are really no match with death troopers and in most maps the stinking hairy bear is like a fat winny the poo.
    Please can't this game just for once have some choice.let us choose our own reinforcements or infiltrators.give us the paying public a choice of who to take into battle.most times I just don't bother cause it's like taking a knife to a shoot out.
    2017 to 2019 and still it's like sooooooooo boring so buggy.this would of been a good game if we had our own choice
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