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"Immersion" is the worst and only reason to era lock



  • SrawDawg
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    Can this sensation of "immersion" be quantified though? Can one guarantee it every time? I guess when I would get home from elementary school I would grab a big glass of soda and sit down in front of a tv and play NES games and I would be "immersed" in the digital worlds.
  • Why is this even an issue at this point? I must say I hate cross era modes, but now that both sides of the argument have a mode for them, why is this a discussion?
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    I really think immersion is key, its what makes cs so good. Its like someone said earlier, theres things like fighting on planets they didnt in the movies and stuff which doesnt matter but factions should stay strict. If not we may aswell just have light side and dark side and unlock all the skins aswell, i think this would ruin the experience

    Why may we as well unlock all the skins and vehicles and reinforcements? Why is it all or nothing with you? The development team have picked and chosen what they want to be era unlocked. You know why? Because that is an opinion they have. Perhaps the feeling of immersion is not so reliant on complete and total restrictions on content to that era. I still feel more or less immersed in endor even though I can see some heroes that aren't apart of that era. Seems the devs have stuck a good balance it feels. If they added all era reinforcements, next thing you will say is "oh well why don't they mix parts of other maps together with each other", because it's all or nothing right.

    Its not an all or nothing, but the only argument for cross era im hearing is more gameplay, so if its about more gameplay you might aswell unlock all vehicles starfighters and reinforcements since they are all different and offer different gameplay. Same as heroes, its double standards to say have cross eras for gameplay but restrict the other things that would offer even more gameplay. If they come out and say its because there isnt enough heroes in a certain era or whatever then thats fine, but the argument for cross era heroes for gameplay without giving cross era everything that offers more gameplay is a much worse reason than immersion.

    Well maybe the assumed correctly that basically everyone in the game would be more accepting of cross era heroes than cross era vehicles and reinforcements. So they had to pick their battle wisely and just limit the heroes to being cross era. Adding all era reinforcements and vehicles would add more variety and "gameplay", but it would no doubt be more controversial than just having the heroes as cross era. They've struck a good balance with appealing to people that want more variety at the cost of feeling completely immersed in the game.

    I think vehicles in particular would be going too far when it comes to cross era. Having a droid tank on yavin 4 and hoth would just seem too out of place. A lot moreso than any of the heroes from other other era's. It's a sliding scale and they've landed at a good point.

    I completely disagree, your idea of having a droid tank on yavin 4 is the same idea most of us have of darth maul on yavin 4. If you add one for the excuse of gameplay despite knowing theres controversy then add everything to allow more gameplay despite the controversy, listen, if cross era heroes didnt happen at the beginning of the game, people wouldnt be asking for them to be cross era, (theres always gonna be one but the last majority of people that ask for it now on cs). The same way no ones asking for reinforcements or tanks to be cross era because no one expects it to be and the idea at first sounds silly, rebels shouldnt be coming up against commando droids the same way luke shouldnt be fighting on kashyyyk vs droids. I understand cross era was necessary at the beginning of the game and why they cant take away from ga now, but to be honest, despite what they say know, i really doubt if they had enough heroes for each era at launch there would have been cross era heroes. Only the ones that actually make sense eg old ben kenobi, yoda chewwie, you get the idea. If cross heroes is really the best way forward due to gameplay, it would be allowed on cs.

    Well I can get the feeling of immersion even if there are cross era heroes and nothing else, then I assume others feel the same because so many people also side with me on cross era heroes. So again, I say to you if people get that feeling of immersion currently, why does it have to be an all or nothing thing concerning variety of gameplay overall? Because it really seems they've kept immersive qualities whilst also not going too far with cross-era. At least for most people. This topic is far from being the number 1 talked about issue on the forums. So you have to concede that it's simply not a big issue for people in general and the average player doesn't feel removed from the game just because of a few heroes here and there. Also no one is asking for reinforcements and tanks cross era because hardly anyone cares that much about them relative to how much people care about heroes. They've chosen cross era heroes because people like them the most. Plus, if you think they would never of made cross era if they had enough heroes at the start, then why would they have dropped the 6k BP cost for cross era heroes in the last few months? They didn't have to do that at all, and almost no one was asking for it. They did it just because people like a whole bunch of different heroes and it's a game, so they can pick and choose how they wish based on what they think the community will enjoy the most.

    To that i say why not make it cross era heroes on cs? Im not here saying they should lock them now or anything, im just challenging the idea that if the argument is variety of gameplay then surely that would apply to everything. Therefore in my eyes to not include everything cross era and only heroes because of that reasoning, its double standards in my eyes making immersion a much better thing to listen to than this argument.

    I personally think a much better reasoning for keeping heroes cross era in ga is because they have been from the start so it would be taking something away from thenplayer base, the same way that if they add another enforcer for clones many would ask to remove the wookies but i think it would be a mistake to take away something that many have got used to and it is a game so we can turn a blind eye.

    I personally dont touch ga since cs because i prefer era lock personally and clone wars aswell. Ive only gone on ga lately to try get some milestones completed but then again thats not only down to cross era heroes(although its definitly a contributing factor).

    The thing is with me personally i wouldnt mind turning a blind eye to things that exist within the era, like wookies being places they shouldnt, even having characters like emperor palpatine who were alive at the time for clone wars or luke leia and han and lando being in st. I dont mind just cuz its not something that has canonically happened as long as its possible it could have happened. But obi wan vs kylo ren for example alongside stormtroopers just takes me out of it cuz that wouldnt be possible. Does that make sense?? So im not complety strict on it but there are things that take me out of it cuz even my imagination wouldnt be doing it since somecharacters were not alive at the same time.

    Well I personally believe CS would be way more popular if they did open up the other heroes to being involved. I'm not talking about just different era maps. I mean all heroes on all maps. I sure as hell don't touch that game mode because it is the absolute most repetitive and limited game mode in the game. 4 heroes for each side, and half of them are bad and boring heroes as well and it's the exact same ship phase thing in every match. I just can't stand it. Not even to mention the A.I.!! I think we'll have to agree to disagree. No way I'd be able to convince someone of my point of view if they play CS only I think.

    Yh i guess we will have to agree to disagree which is fine. Out of curiosity though, do you mainly play hero characters???? I feel like there might be a big correlation between people who play mostly heroes wanting cross era heroes, understandably since this is what they enjoy the most, and infantry based players trying to feel like they are in the world the most. This is just a theory though.

    Well I'm usually first to a hero yes, but that's because I'm one of the best trooper players on the server. So I'll get one if available, but even if I don't, I'm not too fussed and enjoy playing assault and specialist a lot. The only maps I get **** about if I miss a hero is any map that's good for boba. Couldn't really care less about light side to be honest.

    Fair enough, i think this might be the root of our disagreement, unless i have to for a milestone or on the very odd occasion, i will always pick a reinforcement over a hero (yes i put them under infantry umbrella even if most people dont). I guess because i dont care about hero gameplay variability since i dont play them i value the immersion over the actual variety of abilities avialable. But still i just hope u know, like i said im not here to try and get rid of cross era on ga, i was just challenging the idea that the argument for more gameplay variety should also apply to all the other things that add variety, in my eyes. I do think ga should stay cross era mainly because i think its unfair to take something away thats been there since the begining but, i do really hope they dont cross era in cs unless it makes sense for that specific character to be there. That would ruin my favourite gamemode. I guess its a good compromise to have one large game mode with and the other without to be honest.

    I see. Yeah I definately would always pick a hero over a reinforcement. Although sometimes I choose specialist over heroes when playing light side sniper maps. If they never add cross era to CS, the least they should do is add maps from other era's. I just hate that mode because of lack of variety at the moment. I know it's only a new game mode. But how hard would it of been to convert more maps from other era's. I mean all they did for all the current maps, except geonosis, was just rip off the GA ones and put bits of rubble around. Surely that's not too difficult to do for most of the other maps. Yavin 4, endor and hoth seem so easy to turn into CS maps. Just cut out the first phase map section of all of them and put 5 points all around and steal the star destroyer and rebel capital ship designs from the campaign and that's that.

    Totally agree, cs can become tedious after a while of playing due to a lack of maps but i just greatly prefer the gameplay on it. As an infantry player i also prefer this cuz i love both commando droid and droideka, not the biggest fan of the arc trooper but i still like the fact its in there, a lot of people seam to enjoy it. Felucia will be a breath of fresh air and then i reckon we will move onto st maps getting ported with a new one from episode 9 in the new year.

    Would you see heroes as cross era if they were alive at the time of the era despite not being heavily visible in that era, imagine lets say if we had for example ahsoka added, that would make every hero, apart from anakin, cross era into the OT era and i qould be fine with this because the immersion would be there so the light side would only lose anakin. What would you say to that? Purely curiosity

    I just wish the dev team was bigger and could pump out seemingly easy content a lot quicker. OT and ST maps in CS would be so good. I'd actually start playing it every now and then if they added those era's.

    Hmmm, I didn't follow the second half of the second paragraph that well coz I am not completely familiar with ahsoka and what era's she spans. But as long as they appear in the movies or animated series, then I'd say only then would they be considered to be apart of an era. Like perhaps Han was born and alive during PT, but I don't think he should be considered part of that era. Also I never really understood why Anakin was made to be 4k points in GA OT maps. Like yeah he was Anakin again for like 1 minute at the end of ROTJ, but he was just a dying old man and in the original movie wasn't even a young force ghost. I thought that was a stretch to put him as 4k BP on those maps.

    Yh i totally agree, they could benefit so much from a bigger dev team, i guess they just dont make enough money off the game which is a real shame cuz i love it.

    I agree on the heroes and ahsoka spans cw and ot, no confirmation on st but she isnt dead yet so definitly could span into that aswell. I wouldnt mind this for of cross era

    Well the game did make over a billion dollars for them. Surely that's enough for them to put some of that money back into it instead of just giving it to other development projects.

    I suppose maul could be considered OT as well, because in SOLO they clearly allude to him still having a significant influence on some areas of the galaxy during the movie and that movie would have to be considered to be extremely close to OT to the point where any characters in it are classed as that era as well.

    Yh darth maul appears in rebels alot and dies in a final fight with obi wan on tattoine so yh i would consider him ot. I would really like them to introduce cross era skins for the immersivness to be honest

    Do you mean lock the skins of heroes to their era? Also what is rebels?

    Naa i wouldnt say lock them, but allow players that like the immersion to pick it so it makes more sense visually, like allow the option for that bigger step towards more immersion. And rebels is a show that takes place at the very begining of ot era. Theres a couple good episodes tbf, i wouldnt class the show anywhere near as good as clone wars. You do have ahsoka vs darth vader though which is quite big, theres a form of time travel in it. I think that episode is the world between worlds. There is ahsoka vs darth maul, darth maul vs obi wan for last time. Have a look on youtube.

    Ohhh I remember seeing that fight between them. I never liked the look of that animation of vader though. Hey do you know why people seem to be so down on the mandalorean show? It seems like a good idea for a show, but I've seen a lot of comments talking trash on it.

    Yh i wsnt the biggest fan of the show but there are some important moments in it that every star wars fan should see. I dont see why people are hating on it when we dont even have a trailer for it, barely had any footage. I think its going to be absolutly amazing. Surprisingly enough, episode 9 is the thing im least excited about coming.

    Exactly. I don't get the hate for the mandalorean. I think it's a great idea for a show and can't believe it's taken this long for a live action star wars series to be honest.

    I'm not excited for episode 9 at all. Episode 7 was just a copy of a new hope basically and 8 was the absolute worst star wars ever made by a mile. Seems unlikely they can come back from that with JJ Abrams as director. I mean he's good at making quite good sci-fi movies, but he's just never quite made a movie that I would call truly great. Nothing on the level of James Cameron or Steven Spielberg type blockbusters. Closest he's ever come to a really great movie was star trek into darkness. I just doubt he can replicate anything similar to that coming from the position which that **** rain johnson left the franchise in.

    Ever since the disney took over star wars, its lacked imagination, the sequel trilogy could have been amazing but they tried to recreate the originals in their own way.

    Yep. Hollywood in general is lacking imagination in the movies lately. It's all in the TV shows now. Which is fine I guess. Just wish more of it at least stayed with star wars.

    This is why the st has been awful.

    We'd have been better off with an indy studio.

    None of what you wrote makes any sense. Just because you don't want to see the imagination does not mean that it's not there. It only makes you look ignorant.

    You must be joking? How is there any imagination in ST? That general Hux guy that all the fan boys seem to adore is just horrible as a character and their attempts at lame comedy using him is just pathetic. Like that phone call between him and poe... also poe is bad character as well. So impulsive makes bad decisions. Why can't they make the rebels smarter?? U know why? Coz the directors and execs involved aren't smart.

    Are we going to start over the debate for the 5th time on this forum ?

    5th time? We have this debate a few times a month.

    It's hardly a debate. There are stats the we can just go off the most reliable being "Google users" most likely, purely because it's probably the only one that isn't bought and paid for by these production companies like IMDB and rotten tomatoes and metacritic. I mean rotten tomatoes gave avengers endgame 94% and shawshank redemption 91% haha. Episode 8 has the worst rating by more than 10% of all the others on Google users. It's a trash movie and if there is this much polarizing critiscm on it compared to all the others, then everyone must at least say that the majority of people would consider it to be the worst of the film's based off of the sheer amount of negative criticism it receives, regardless of whether or not they agree with it.

    No idea when the PT became popular.

    It's not. It was garbage then and it's garbage now.

    Wow, never met anyone that likes the ST and not the PT. Do you like the OT?

    Cmon. The VAST majority of fans don't like the PT and are fine with the Sequels.

    OT is the best thing ever put to screen. PT killed it with a baseball bat. Then George started making his changes. I was so happy when he finally realized he's just not good for the job and sold the whole thing. JJ gave it it's pulse back. It's the best time to be a SW fan!

    Apart from the games... that's just terrible. I don't even mean the quality it's just like... 2 games? Really?

    Thats a immensely false statement.

    You think the sequels are amazing and the PT are hot garbage. Wow
  • Why is this even an issue at this point? I must say I hate cross era modes, but now that both sides of the argument have a mode for them, why is this a discussion?

    Because for some reason there are people that keep trying to push for an era lock in GA. If the people that don't want that remain quiet then there is a small chance they would get their way.
  • SrawDawg wrote: »
    Can this sensation of "immersion" be quantified though? Can one guarantee it every time? I guess when I would get home from elementary school I would grab a big glass of soda and sit down in front of a tv and play NES games and I would be "immersed" in the digital worlds.

    People that argue for immersion seem to think that an era lock would be the minimal quantum to guarantee the feeling. So if all things are within their correct era, and they can play the game within that era, they believe immersion is achieved.
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