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August Community Calendar

Group management improvment

Hello, what's about those features?
1. Green arrows on the screen, when your allies not in the field of view. At least in space battles.
2. Group exit from battles by group leader.
3. Short info under the group members icons on main menu with information where they are now in game (menu, loading, battle).
4. Hot buttons on respawn menu, like "1"- assault trooper, "2" - heavy trooper, "3" officer and "4" - sniper. If player want play as special unit, he is to use mouse to chose.
5. Same thing, when player are to chose where to respawn: "1" - first ally, "2" - second, etc.
6. Some tactic things? For example, markers "Hold this position", "attack this point", "Death to the jedi scums", "Concetrate fire on this enemy" (if Hero or vehicles), i don't mean emotions.
I'm glad you make this game better with each update.


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