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August Community Calendar

Should they bring back Jabba the Hutt Contracts?

I loved Jabba the Hutt Contracts in BF1 and I'd like to see them back in BF2, though we are far from launch. The main reason why it would be a good idea in my opinion is that they could introduce new skins, weapons and star cards in a much more rewarding and interesting way.

It would also add some new challenges, because the daily challenges can become a bit repetitive after a year and a half.

And also I think the last personal challenge for a skin etc. was in winter of 2018 (correct me if I'm wrong) with the Hoth skins for Luke, Leia and Han Solo. I personally enjoy personal challenges more than community challenges, but to be honest we need more of both.

The contracts would also make players switch up their usual gameplay/star cards/weapons and would "force" players to try something different and go outside the box.
I've seen so many times the same weapons and star cards, so it would be beneficial in my opinion to get people to try something new or a bit challenging.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea!


  • Versatti
    2076 posts Member
    edited August 10
    It was a great addition to BF2015. Unfortunately though I think if that was ever going to make a return we’d have it by now.

    I think if we do (big if) get any new weapons or star cards it’ll be done through a similar process as the community events we saw last month.
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