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Give Palpatine a Block

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edited August 2019
I was playing star wars battlefront 2015 the other day & just remembered palpatine had a block in it. He used his force lightning to absorb blaster bolts. So I was thinking why not giving him the ability to block blaster bolts like in 2015. I mean if you ask me it kind of makes sense in all honesty or even what about a star card that replaces the LT button with a block ability instead of dual wielding force lightning.

I mean I know 2015 had blocking stamina and he had his force lightning stamina. Well since everyone has a general stamina now including palpatine (probably had it since day one) the block could & most likely/definitely drain his force lightning stamina.

Truthfully I think it would be a good idea. If someone says it would be to op then to counter that why not make it so blocking with his force lightning decreases his force lightning recharge stamina by a certain percent or something along those lines.

Also I think the block being a star card ability would be a even better idea if you ask me.


  • While I could agree with this to some degree I'm gonna have to say that I can't. With the way Palpatine can dodge and jump and float, more times than not if Palpatine is used "properly" he is practically an unstoppable, yet annoying, force. Giving him a block would just make him that much harder to kill since half the time he is a pain just to land a hit.
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