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December CC

CS for Original Trilogy

Dice, are ever going to consider expanding Capital Supremacy to the Original Trilogy?


  • And stop the CW ? Buahahahahaha. Good one. You must be new around here.

    Dice like to do the opposite of what the players want so I think we will need to wait a long, long time before that happens.
  • I would love this, I mean you cant tell me youve never wanted to see Luke and Han lead a boarding team aboard a Star Destroyer? Or if you were a fan of battlestation from the last game, CS on Yavin 4, the ship the rebels board could be the DS 1 and boom, you just brought back a favorite map. Sadly though Im with @CeymalRen on this, DICE seems to have this weird aversion to the original star wars content. I for one have had enough clone wars, at least for a while. GCW/OT needs love big time. New trooper skins, my favorite here to play as, the hero of the OT, Luke, definitely needs new appearances (I mean come on, Dooku got freaking pajamas before Luke has had any new appearance (not counting Hoth since it was already from the first game)) and more maps. CS for OT is something I think would be amazing, imagine a Hoth map where you would board the Executor? Also, the devs should just relent and bring Scarif over, Im pretty sure this is a hotly requested GCW map that could serve as a SA, GA, and CS map and the inside of the Citadel could be for the smaller modes. OR if we really want to get creative, which I havent seen from these guys, Darth Vaders castle as a small mode map, thatd be interesting. But yes, GCW for CS would be amazing to see but I doubt we will get it.
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