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How to roll effeciently?

I see these folks playing blaster heroes and they can just roll and roll; however, when I do it I can't reroll for another second or two. What am I doing wrong? PS4.


  • CC_1010
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    I think you have to walk.
  • There’s a little encircled number next to your health bar that’ll show you how many time you can roll or dodge before the cooldown. If you play enough, you’ll start subconsciously timing your rolls to the saber strikes. Ppl like to pretend that it’s a rhythm that you either learn or don’t, but everyone picks it up eventually without really trying too hard
    I don't know what Battlefront II is.
  • ZephanUnbound
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    edited August 11
    My tips for you:

    -Timing is key, don’t just spam roll, if you do it too early or too late you will still take damage from the saber swing.

    -I personally find the most effective roll is to roll through the enemy to end up behind them to avoid damage, then while they are turning around to hit you immediately roll backwards again to end up at your original position, once again behind their back while facing them. At this point your roll will be on cooldown so I jump backwards to gain some distance while shooting in order to deal some damage while roll cooldown is finishing again. Then you just repeat the process.

    -Some blaster heroes have abilities that can improve the cycle. If you’re Han you can use Detonite or Shoulder Charge during the cycle to do some damage and knock them down giving you a chance to get a few free shots in while they are on the ground. If you’re Leia you can quickly flash grenade them after you roll back behind them a second time and run while they are blinded in order to gain some distance. If you’re Chewie you can add a Stun Grenade or Charge Slam to the rolling combos to get either a stun or knockdown, giving you some time to deal more damage while they are stunned or standing back up. With Iden I have found that you often have just enough time to charge a secondary Fire grenade after rolls, which you can chuck at your own feet to deal high damage to the saber masher that is close to you.
  • Unfortunately, rolling forward does not work for me. First attempt: I get stopped because the player’s in my way. Second attempt: I’m already dead.
  • I also don’t think that little numbered circle represents how many dodges you can do. At least not accurately. I can’t count how many times I’ve been with either a pre-built or a random group chasing an enemy player who just keeps backing up faster than we can swing our sabers and most definitely more than just twice in quick succession.
  • I dunno... the rolling is a gamble IMO cos usually I just get sucked back to the original rollpoint by the Sabres and die
  • Thanks for all the amazing help. Dunno why I never knew about the little circle right in front of my face.

    I think TertiusRegent has a point. I believe that's what it means but I also saw a Lando roll 4 times without stopping last night.
  • thelasteverjedi
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    edited August 13
    unfortunately, assuming your circle allows a roll, this is due to lag.

    i know that because i am forced to play on US servers with 170-220ms lag.

    if i play like the youtube players i'm dead before i can sneeze.

    the nearest server i have is 50ms and sometimes i get games there. the controls are way more responsive but when a local player with less lag chops while I'm trying to chop them or roll, their commands are registered agaisnt me first paralyzing my player.

    even then i'm still usually top 5 in the US servers, win or lose.
  • Yeah rolling right now is incredibly 5050. A good chunk of the time saber mashers have this crutch where you teleport back from a roll. The other chunk of the time you'll roll correctly but by that time the saber will have zoomed and autotracked you like a magnet.
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