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A no Hero game-mode with all maps & modes call it Classic Mode

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The community would jump at this option to play if there was a Classic Mode. You would have all maps and game-modes but no heroes are in this game type. I think another thing that would make it more fair and classic would be allowing only default weapons so its as close to cannon as game-play can get! I have spoken with tons of people who say they would play that every single day if it was added, which is very positive because we won't have to deal with someone playing a hero and basically being a God on the battlefield which everyone already knows is really really unfair! This Classic mode could cover everything that means a Classic GA and a Classic CS ect. you get the idea?


  • Sure. Go for it. But only if there's a heroes-only version, too.
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  • I think the heroes are one part of battlefront but in this moment these are too OP and 2 heroes each team should be always the maximum number allowed. And free ability 'Health on kill' will be a big wrong that it will unbalance still more the matches. A very wrong decision of devs.

    If there aren't more solutions, a no hero game mode is a good solution for many players of this game.

  • This will likely be a game customization option in the new PVE modes. Limitations on hero availability, troop type, and troop skins are options I fully expect to see in the new PVE modes. That's where the true full sandbox experience will live.
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