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December CC

Buff Kenobi’s stamina and blaster deflections

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a master of Form III. To my knowledge he can block 25 saber swings and deflect as many shots as Vader and as much as Yoda can absorb, yet Yoda uses Form IV which is very offensive.

Obi-Wan should be able to block more blaster shots by default.

Also, Obi-Wan currently can’t deflect all blaster shots accurately at the moment, except if someone is continually shooting at him with a high rate of fire blaster.

Form III was created to efficiently combat blasters and Obi-Wan is a master of this form.

If Obi-Wan blocks shots and you position the tiny reticle on the person shooting you, every shot should go back to the enemy shooting Obi-Wan.
Obi-Wan should be the only character able to do this and this is true to his own character.


  • ZephanUnbound
    3087 posts Member
    edited August 12
    Eh, not necessary imo. He is currently 1st place in saber deflections, and tied for 1st place in both blaster deflections and blaster deflection accuracy. With his stamina star card he can block 33 saber attacks and 60 blaster bolts, the most of any character in the game. The main problem affecting Obi-Wan's defensive capabilities are all of the current bugs that allow enemies to break his block when he still has stamina, uneven terrain block breaking, multiple saber attacker block breaking, Palpatine Chain Lightning Block breaking. If DICE would fix those issues he would truly be a defensive master.

    Buffs Obi-Wan does need imo, in addition to the improved dodges that DICE already announced:

    -10% faster movement and turning speed during Defensive Rush
    -Defensive Rush blocks frontal lightsaber, lightning, and force powers in addition to the current blaster blocking
    -Critical Deflection star card modified to give the bonus damage to all deflected blaster bolts instead of only blaster bolts deflected by Defensive Rush
  • How about you try to deflect an Officer’*****-5 blaster shots back at them. Not all shots go back, even if your reticle is on the player. It’s really only the hire rate of fire blasters than can be blocked somewhat accurately.

    No matter the blaster, Kenobi should be able to deflect every shot he blocks with super precision accuracy, providing you have the reticle over the enemy.

    It just ain’t fair than Kenobi can’t do this already.

    You said above that force powers can’t affect Kenobi during his Defensive Rush. That is false.

    Kenobi does need buffed and 2 of his abilities need fixed.
  • Any player with common sense should know not to shoot Anakin when he is doing Heroic Might. The same should go for Kenobi when he blocks shots.
  • Kenobi is obviously a defensive character, yet when I try to deflect blaster shots back at enemies shooting me with blaster pistols or snipers, not every shot gets deflected back to the enemy. This here forces Obi-Wan players to attack blaster enemies more often, rather than deflecting their shots back at them. I just wish Kenobi will be able deflect all blaster shots with super precision sooner or later.
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