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Anybody else here coming back for the update? Better than the stuff bf2 is getting


  • I came back for a bit on the Cataclysm update when I saw it had more than I was expecting. I thought the Cataclysm was just going to be free play events, wasn’t expecting new story missions, weapons etc. I still have to figure out all the secrets in Cataclysm and get those grabbit ears
  • It was better than I expected too. New weapons too
  • rollind24
    5677 posts Member
    edited August 12
    It was better than I expected too. New weapons too

    Yea the game is pretty fun. For no PvP they really need more end game content though to stay busy. I can only do so many stronghold/contract runs for minor loot changes before I’m back to another game.
  • I’m probably going to jump on it again tomorrow to see if the War Chests have stuff besides the new melee upgrades. I think they update tomorrow
  • What update?
    "Peter Popoff needs your money to help u"
  • rollind24
    5677 posts Member
    edited August 13
    MK300MK wrote: »
    What update?

    If you already own the game it’s certainly worth checking out

    Edit/ nevermind, I remember ya

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