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  • i just saw some videos on youtube. not sure the offline and the coop mode will be as good at it seems. after few matches, it will be as fun as ewok and jetpack cargo... i hope i'm wrong ... or it will wasting time for the devs...
  • Check out Hoofednine, if you're looking for some dope Battlefront content.
  • This is awesome, but I’m gonna miss the old ship phases for Kamino, Geonosis, Naboo, and Kashyyyk.
    Never forget
  • Where is the Ships
  • Outstanding CT! Fantastic stuff on the way! I’m very excited, and impressed. Co-op CS, Contextual Spawning, revamped Capital Ship phases... These things and others will bring me back. Great job with this type of content. I’m looking forward to Felucia too, a true Conquest map that’s built for it from the ground up.

    And yet... A humble request...

    After Felucia, please issue Order 66,

    And end the Clone Wars.

    Not without Mygeeto and The 21st Nova Corps should be the last of the Clone Wars content
  • Is it just me or does the trading droid skin make the droid look white I'm not saying white droids are dumb or something I just want to know if I'm going crazy or if the training skin for the droids make them white instead of tan.
  • CakeKid57 wrote: »
    Is it just me or does the trading droid skin make the droid look white I'm not saying white droids are dumb or something I just want to know if I'm going crazy or if the training skin for the droids make them white instead of tan.

    The actual training droid that the skin is from is white, or at least a very light grey
  • would y'all mind fixing the clipping issue on the 327th officer and the coursant officer hands it looks out of place in first person
  • Still no Maul skins
  • I think it would be wise to allow first and third person of the clone commandos because the game originally takes place in first person sure 3rd Person is awesome no doubt but add different views and u will be invincible plus skins for the commandos as a added bonus
  • So glad to see September is being given the full package and a large variety of content. (Single player conquest mode :D ) and that Upcoming Luke Skywalker appearance already sounds awesome! Can't wait for this update!
  • Starmasui73146
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    Would y'all mind fixing the clipping issue on the 327th officer and the coursant officer hands it looks out of place in first person.

    Clipping in video games official definition: 🧐🤔 Clipping is when one object unrealistically passes through another or sees past it ( i.e. - phasing). For example: (1.) a weapon phasing through the shirt. (2.) Seeing through a wall when you touch it.

    You can spot this in menus three times.

    In the hero menus:
    (1.) Versio's TL-50 weapon stock phases into here computer com on here chest.
    (2.) Clone Assault class the CR-2 weapon phases into his left arm.
    (3.) Clone Sniper class the NT-242 phases into his black pauldron.

    As for the touch a wall and see through and a round it, I'll get back to you. I know it happens but I do not recall where.
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    “There is always hope.”
  • Would it be possible to earn milestones in the PvE modes?
    Never forget
  • Luke and ANH? Farmer or Stormtrooper Luke I assume
  • wooooowwwwwww!
    addiction to SW before this game was bad enough - now U give me [crack-sugar-belly-cupcakes] Clone Commandos
    & Felucia on steroids will be months of my life in the 'Galactic Gutter'(GG)

    Well Done Team - this is Star Wars for the generations
  • Starmasui73146
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    Speedjack wrote: »
    I just saw some videos on youtube. Not sure the Offline and the Online Co-Op mode will be as good at it seems. After watching a few matches, it seems it will be as fun as Ewok Hunt and Jetpack Cargo... I hope i'm wrong ... or it will wasting time for the devs...
    Your analyzes seems a but harsh don't you think?😐 Yeah after watch the action on Geonosis the "Instant Action" did seem not hard and somewhat boring but I was recently informed that it was infact a very early unpolished version. So keep that in mind.

    As for your comparison to those modes: Well my friends and I actually enjoy "Ewok Hunt" and "Jetpack Cargo", 😇 though "Capital Supremacy" has rather hooked us.😍

    Again as for the footage of "Instant Action" keep in mind that the health of the Commando in the footage does seem a little OP, plus it's likely Normal difficulty. This will take his mortality out of question and make it seem more boring while watching because he can't die or at least very rarely. That's why I suggest to the devs a menu option of being able to slightly weaken friendly Enforcers and such; but just not to the extreme of say 1 hit and dead. How about 100% health verses 200% menu select option compared to others or whatever the Commandos health is set at.

    That said though Speedjack, try to look at all that they did give us for "Instant Action":
    (1.) A.I. Hero enemies using ALL their abilities
    (2.) A.I. Villain enemies using ALL their abilities
    (3.) A.I. C.I.S. BP (Rocket Pack) Super Battle Droids enemies using ALL their abilities
    (4.) A.I. C.I.S. Commando Droid enemies using ALL their abilities
    (5.) A.I. Destroyer Droid enemies using ALL their abilities
    (6.) A.I. Officer utilizing Flash (bang) grenade well.
    (7.) The "mode itself" very much like Conquest mode from 2004 and 2005.

    Again it is just a really early model so the final product should be superior.

    @F8RGE: Dear DICE loving the footage of "Instant Action". 🤛(fist bump)

    🤔If I could give one critique of what would make this mode (for Offline) rule, can we please for "Instant Action" in menus get a fast stamina recharge option, separate from fast ability recharge. BUT separate it by team as well, one for the enemy and one for my team. This way if I want the enemy to have fast stamina abilities and my team to NOT have it I can. This will seriously amp up the challenge and the fun intensity.

    The reason I mention this is because I noticed that the stamina cooldown is getting the A.I. Villains killed a lot because they stop blocking too much at inopportune times. By being able to ramp this up by fast stamina recharge (for the enemy only), they can last way longer and be more of a threat. Doing this would simply ROCK!

    Thank you for your time and for listening.🤗👍🏼
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    “There is always hope.”
  • big and serious question no one has never ask, is new pve mode single player getting permanent credit points after completing the maps objectives and kills because some how this credits runs out the whole game for a long period of time and how about reworking all heroes sabers attacks speed because they have a delay first move and general grievous is weak blocking and attacking cool down bar runs quickly than luke Skywalker and other heroes and villains bar,reason i ask because i like playing a game with purpose thank you for listening.
  • hilapff
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    It seems a patch was released during the last 2 weeks but without content. What about the update? When will it be released?
  • since nothing for November, i hope its a big bug fix for those who look and find them. But , i think battlefront is 4 me now.
  • Starmasui73146
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    Here is some information which I noticed you seem to be discussing a lot on this thread. I posted it on another thread but it definitely has baring here as well, enjoy:
    DICE's Dennis Brannvall at Gamescom said, "Not a week goes by without us thinking, ‘Imagine if we hadn’t launched with loot boxes the way we did. We would have been (at) a different place (right now), that’s for sure, because we truly believe the game is a worthy sequel to Battlefront 1 and lives up to the legacy of the Battlefront franchise. I think we had to take a step back, the team had to look at itself in the mirror a little bit, pick ourselves up from a really rough Christmas for everyone and then just get back to work. We really needed to take a step back and do some house cleaning...not completely dissimilar to Rainbow Six Siege. They didn’t launch the way they wanted, but now it’s doing well and I think we’re on a similar trajectory."

    "There are too many genres of Star Wars games you could make for a big audience of Star Wars fans. We're entertaining one, and it's really good to not be the only Star Wars game in town because of the expectations of entertaining everyone," Dennis iterates.

    "We hit rock bottom in terms of player sentiment but now it's climbing every month. We're delivering more content this year than we did in the first year, which is also a sign of a healthy game. The community's happier than it's ever been, especially with the big announcement yesterday," Dennis declared.

    Dennis showed us why EA continues to support the sequel (2017) Star Wars Battlefront 2 game, he announced, "Battlefront 1 felt like we were in the sequelised transition phase, in that we knew the end date of Battlefront content before we launched it. We knew it was going to be one year of DLC in a season pass, and then on to Battlefront II. And we treated it that way, like there was a bookend to the experience. So if there were systems in the first game that might not be working, we could prioritise fixing it for the sequel. It wasn't that much fun in the spring of 2018. That wasn't the best time at DICE that's for sure," said Dennis. "Now it's a lot of fun. Now it's always for everyone. The team enjoys working on it a lot more because you feel like you're building up a community. It feels a lot more personal, and it's just a better game. It's more about improving the game rather than always providing value to the customer, which I think is the approach with a season pass. With this one, we challenged ourselves to undertake big overhauls of systems that aren’t doing as well as we (had) hoped because this is it, this is the game we’re going to be working on. That’s when it feels like more incremental...there’s client patches every month, new features added, whereas in Battlefront 1 we were patching it every quarter with a big DLC and it was mostly for paid users anyway. More content is coming to Battlefront 2 this year than the game’s first year, which isn’t common for two-year-old games."

    "Even back when we took on the franchise, there were questions around whether we should call the first one Battlefront 3. I'm not necessarily sure that whatever the fan expectations of Battlefront 3 are need to happen with a 3 at the end. I think you can get all the Battlefront fantasies that you want from our games," Dennis Brännvall announced.

    "DICE has been on the sequel treadmill for quite a while and I think the industry is changing rapidly. We felt that, and we know that we want to build communities rather than customers. That's been a change in our approach. We want to stick with our games a lot longer, and want our communities to feel well taken care of," Dennis assured us. "It makes no sense to constantly try to stop them (from) playing the game they like and make them play the new game they also should like just because we don't want to work on the old game any more. It's not good for the community, and in this age, if it's not good for the community it's probably not going to be good for business either. That's why we're sticking with it."

    "That's our mindset, trying to give you everything -- Instant Action is a good example of that. It's a throwback name to the franchise when it wasn't at EA, and people love that. That's been the key to going forward: respect the past. I'm not sure if we did a good job of that early on, but I think we do a much better job now."🤗

    Sooooo there is great hope that continued content will flow well into 2020 as the road map states. EA is in full support.🤗👍🏼

    “There is always hope.”
  • JediPacoElFlaco
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    Please, when Felucia in Galactic Assault mode? Date?

  • Server browser? I've been asking for one ever since May of 2018, and I'm sure many can agree that the game needs it.
  • Players who plays the wookie warrior in cw maps except kashyyyk are not PT fans.
  • I really wish we had alternative skins for darth maul (single sided staff saber from episode one: against qui-gon jinn)- I'd also expect this darth maul skin to have full robes just as he did in that one scene when he jumped off his speeder at qui-gon jinn. Then I'd like more luke skywalker skins WITH HIS GREEN LIGHTSABER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well as, Obi wan kenobi's episode one skin. It'd be nice to get qui-gon/mace windu/darth sidious w/ his saber (which was in the original battlefront 2) in there. I am happy we'll be able to play against hero AI's. I've been wanting that for a while. I'm also really happy we'll be able to play PvE along side real players. I suppose the last request I have is being able to play in space and land inside the starships =) (as was in the original battlefront 2)- and be able to land ships on ground maps (as was possible the original Battlefront 2). I know it's been said darth sidous will never be released/being able to land ships on ground maps, but that doesn't mean millions of us star wars fans don't want that. A darth sidous skin (w/ a lightsaber) could be just that- a different option/skin when using EMPEROR SHEEV PALPATINE. It'd take a lot of work, but it's well worth it for all of us star wars die hards.
  • We already have death star 2 luke. Are you referring to luke in his camo when he was chasing 2 imperial recon soldier with Leia on speeder bikes? I'd like to see luke with his green lightsaber from that scene in the last jedi of him attempting to take out ben solo (this would mean luke would have an exposed right robotic hand, and full robes/cloak).
  • @F8RGE

    Please, when Felucia in Galactic Assault mode? Date?

    It's not going to happen, or at least very unlikely. Capital Supremacy has taken over as the dominant game mode, and the map is specifically built for CS.
  • thelasteverjedi
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    with 4 player co-op does that mean 4 people can play on one xbox? or need 4 xboxes?
  • with 4 player co-op does that mean 4 people can play on one xbox? or need 4 xboxes?

    Four player split screen would be awesome but I think the co-op mode is online only.
    I am the same user as Elimelech401, that account was not tied to the game. I am hoping for more Skirmish with split screen and hero AI.
  • very happy with these updates and the fact that they're continually improving the game! Hoping they keep it going with the additional Luke skins
  • JediPacoElFlaco
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    Please, when Felucia in Galactic Assault mode? Date?

    It's not going to happen, or at least very unlikely. Capital Supremacy has taken over as the dominant game mode, and the map is specifically built for CS.

    I hope not.

    It would be outrageous the way that devs are destroying the most important mode of this game.


  • Not exactly a shock at this point, but this update broke Vader and others.

    Playing no cards at all, before this patch ,Vader could deflect 64 shots (e.g., A280-CFE single shots) before his stamina wears out.

    After this morning's patch, he can now only deflect 48 shots before his stamina wears out. Tried this in Duel (Arcade) several times. Also confirmed with turrets.

    Looks like the screw up was breaking some mechanic when Vader's stamina gets low (into the red). Drains almost entirely now when that happens. It actually appears to be even worse than I described above when in Arcade Team Battle (pretty sure it's even way less than 48 shots now). It was immediately very noticeable in Team Battle -- about the last 1/3 of Vader's stamina drained almost immediately when deflecting shots.

    Note: all sabre-wielders might be broken now, at least in Arcade. I think Kylo dropped from 33 to 27 shot deflects before stamina drains and Anakin from 40 to 31.
  • Do you think we will ever see the Rebellion and Galactic Empire in Capital Supremacy? I think both of these factions need to be added, I want to be able to have a randomized game mode where you may get the clone era but might also get the empire era.
  • o7h5fxbid7t4.png
    I predict that the new map from the Rise Of Skywalker update is going to be the wreckage of the second Deathstar in the water
  • "I've been looking forward to this"
  • o7h5fxbid7t4.png
    I predict that the new map from the Rise Of Skywalker update is going to be the wreckage of the second Deathstar in the water

    We need more water in our maps
  • noname05 wrote: »
    Do you think we will ever see the Rebellion and Galactic Empire in Capital Supremacy? I think both of these factions need to be added, I want to be able to have a randomized game mode where you may get the clone era but might also get the empire era.

    Tbh I don't think I want to anymore. I think I'd prefer they created a better mode for them.
  • When do we get another double or triple XP day? I missed yesterday
  • It's good Luke is getting his skins,however....

    <img src="chrome-extension://adkcpkpghahmbopkjchobieckeoaoeem/blocked-image-search.png" alt="Image result for darth maul"/>anrfkorsv9xb.png
    What about my Maul main!?
    "By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! It's the Grand Champion! I can't believe it's you! Standing here! Next to me!"
  • Im excited for this new stuff
    good job developers
    but could you maybe get some more weapons for the different classes in the game? :)
    So that every class has 6 instead of 4 weapons, they could be unusual compared to the normal weapons of the class aswell, maybe even some kind of shotgun and other crazy ***** haha
    great job guys
  • Can you put the Mandalorian in battlefront 2
  • Still not feeling great about Felucia being Capital Supremacy-exclusive. Sure, I like Capital Supremacy, but I like the fact that Galactic Assault features unique scenarios for each planet. Feels more organic and less artificial that way, and takes full advantage of the unique gameplay features that each planet could allow.
    Commander Cody - the Empire has Iden, the First Order has Phasma. Give us a soldier-based hero for the Republic!
  • F8RGE wrote: »

    Incoming transmission!

    Back in June, we mentioned we would be sharing more about the future of Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II. Time doesn’t stand still and today we have a host of details for you. What’s coming this month and beyond.

    Let’s dive in, but before that…



    August kicks off with both the Separatist Dreadnought and Republic Venator becoming playable in Heroes vs Villains. Since the release of Capital Supremacy this addition has been highly requested, and we’re incredibly happy to be adding them to our rotation.

    We’ve taken areas within both capital ships and turned them into playable locations that we believe will be great for the small-scale Hero gameplay.


    After watching discussions around Capital Supremacy and, in particular, the Capital Ship phase. We’ve made some changes to the interiors of both Capital Ships.

    The assault on the Capital Ship will continue to have two sub-phases, but both are evolving.

    Once you're breached the enemy ship, you have five minutes to destroy it before the action returns to the ground. In order to destroy the ship, you must first capture one of two available Command Posts located on the ship. If you succeed in that, your team will gain an additional five minutes and be able to fire on the enemy target.

    Any damage caused to the enemy target will be persistent, meaning even if you fail in destroying the target fully, you can pick up right where you left off in subsequent Assault attempts.

    Next, we’re changing the Capital Ship phases to be based on a timer. This means that the attacking team will now have a five minute window to destroy the generators. Once the time runs out, the battle will return to the planetary phase.

    We are also implementing some new changes to the artwork within the ships themselves.

    We’re incredibly happy with the way Capital Supremacy is going and these changes will continue to be something we evaluate and monitor over time.


    Following the trend of making updates to Capital Supremacy, we’re bringing a much requested, and beloved, feature into the game, Through our new Contextual Spawning system you will be able to spawn on dynamic tactical assets on the battlefront, starting with Command Posts in Capital Supremacy and Instant Action.

    Once you have been defeated in battle you will be presented the Squad Spawn menu as normal. Alongside your Squad members, you will now be presented with a list of Command Posts to spawn onto as well.

    You will have the ability to spawn onto any Command Posts that your team has currently captured, even if it is being contested.

    You can spawn on any Command Posts:
    • That your team is in full control over
    • You will spawn close to the Command Post at one of the pre-set spawn locations.
    • That is contested but under your team’s control
    • You will spawn a little further away from the Command Post at one of the pre-set spawn locations.

    You will not be able to spawn on a Command Post if:
    • It’s under the enemy team’s control, even if your team is contesting it
    • It is a neutral Command Post that has yet to be captured


    Over the last few months we’ve released a number of appearances for clone troopers, across a variety of legions. So the Separatists don’t feel left out, we’re bringing three new appearances for the B1 Battle Droids this month. Each of the below appearances will be for all four Trooper classes: Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist.


    Bridge crews serving aboard the Separatist flagships consist primarily of battle droids responsible for managing the fleet’s autonomous capital ships and starfighters.



    When fighting in jungles and dense forest environments, some tacticians apply camouflage to their detachments of battle droids in order to minimize the chances of detection.



    Inside the secret cloning facilities on Kamino, cadets spar against training droids in simulated battle scenarios.


    The Battle Droids will also have the default and Geonosis based appearances. Both of which will be free to everyone and selectable should you so wish.

    The August update is scheduled for deployment on August 28, and we’ll be back with the full release notes next week.

    That covers’ August. What about September?


    September is shaping up to be a great month. We have a new large scale map, two new ways to play, a new reinforcement, and a Community Challenge for one of the most requested appearances to date. We’re still a month away from release, but we’re currently targeting a deployment date of September 25.

    Here is what we have planned for September.


    The Separatists’ invasion of Felucia is nearing its end. With only a single, powerful vehicle left to cover the evacuation of a Felucian farming community, the clones struggle to maintain their last line of defense long enough for Republic transports to collect a large cache of valuable medicinal plants from the village.

    As the droids advance towards the clones’ position, the squad chooses to go on the offense, destroying the dreadnought responsible for the attack. However, the droids have a plan of their own: Ensure the Republic can’t escape with the plants by bringing down their Venator.

    Similar to other Capital Supremacy maps, Felucia is broken up into multiple areas with a set theme for each Command Post. Themes range from the traditional Felucian farm, a cave that used to be inhabited by an indigenous Rancor or the remnants of the mighty Sarlacc.

    Felucia has been built from the ground up with Capital Supremacy in mind and is shaping up to be one of the best-looking planets we’ve built to date (if we may say so ourselves), and while we’ve been having a ton of fun during our internal playtests on it, we’re eagerly awaiting your arrival.


    In September, four player online co-op is coming to Battlefront. For this experience, you will team up with three other players (old friends or new) for a large scale PvE adventure. You can choose to play as either the Galactic Republic or the Separatist Alliance and partake in massive battles on all five Clone Wars planets in Battlefront II. Depending on what faction you've selected, the experience on each planet will be different. For example, the Droid Army will be invading the planet of Naboo, while defending if the battle moves to Geonosis. If you decide to play as the Grand Army of the Republic, the roles will be reversed on each planet.

    In Co-op, all troopers, reinforcements, vehicles, heroes and villains will be available to play. However, the same is true for the AI, as the new AI system introduced in Capital Supremacy has been expanded upon to also feature vehicles, heroes and villains in co-op.

    Key info:
    • PvE Experience
    • Players take on both an attacking and defending role
    • AI play as attackers or defenders, including reinforcements, vehicles, and heroes(!)
    • Play as troopers, reinforcements, vehicles and Heroes
    • Available for all Clone Wars era planets to start
    We will be inviting some fan favorite YouTuber Creators to try out Co-Op directly from gamescom, so be sure to keep an eye on their channels.


    We’re happy to announce that Instant Action is making its return to the Battlefront franchise, and we think it’s something a number of you are really going to like. Each month, we’ve seen the comments about a large-scale game mode that can be enjoyed within a singleplayer environment. We know that solo players matter and can confirm it’s real and it’s arriving in September!

    In this mode, both teams are fighting over five Command Posts (similar to Capital Supremacy). Hold a majority of them until your team score reaches 100% to win the game.

    Key info
    • Single player large scale combat experience
    • Fight to control Command Posts
    • You fight alongside AI
    • You fight against a team of AI
    • The enemy team will be made up of regular troopers, reinforcements, heroes, and vehicles.
    • You can spawn on Command Posts using the Contextual Spawn system
    • Control a majority of the Command Posts until your team score reaches 100%
    • Able to choose to play as either light side or dark side
    • Can be played offline, without the need for an internet connection

    At release, you will have access to all the maps that are currently available within Capital Supremacy; Naboo, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Geonosis and Felucia.


    As one of the most elite forces within the Grand Army of the Republic, the clone commandos would come to be respected by allies and feared by enemies. With conflict raging across the galaxy, the Republic organized the Commandos into squads who quickly became a pivotal resource in the ongoing war effort against the Separatists.

    The ability to switch from blaster to grenade provide the clone commando with a great deal of versatility, allowing him to adapt to the situation ahead of him. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now and the arrival of the clone commando is almost upon us. We think you’re going to absolutely love playing as them.

    For added cool factor you’ll also see your Commando making the change from primary fire to grenade himself. In addition, we’ve added all the necessary animations to ensure we stay as close to the source material as possible.

    Primary Weapon: DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle

    Left Ability: Anti-Armor Attachment
    Reconfigures the DC-17m into a grenade launcher that fires up to three small grenades, with high efficiency against vehicles and shields.

    Right Ability: Repulsor Blast
    Discharges a short-range shockwave that temporarily disorients enemies and knocks them back.

    Middle Ability: Battle Focus
    Activates a damage protection aura for the Commando and nearby allies. Additionally, any damage the Commando deals to enemies replenishes his base health.


    During September we’re releasing a community challenge that grants you the ability to unlock a highly requested appearance.

    More details will follow closer to the challenge, but we have a sneaking suspicion that fans of Luke Skywalker and Star Wars: A New Hope will enjoy this one.

    We’ll be back in September with a number of transmissions dedicated to Co-Op, Instant Action, the Republic Commando and the full release notes themselves. Be sure to keep an eye out for all of them.

    So that’s August and September, what about later in the year?


    As we move through the remainder of the year, we will have new reinforcements, appearances, and a brand-new front menu system which allows you to play the era of your choosing.

    We will also be working toward the release of content inspired by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

    While we don’t want to go into the exact specifics (no spoilers!), we can confirm that we will be building a new planet and some new reinforcements based on the conclusion to the galaxy-spanning Skywalker Saga.

    We’ll be back with more details on each of the above as we get closer to their release.

    The next few months are an exciting time for the game and we’re incredibly grateful that you’ve chosen to come on this journey with us. We can’t wait to experience more of Star Wars Battlefront II with you!


    May the Force be with you.

    The Star Wars Battlefront II Team

    This roadmap may change as we listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed as possible. For more information, please refer to EA’s Online Service Updates at

    Does the Coop mode really need to have 4 players on the team to work? Why not let us team up with one or two friends and let us enjoy the mode without online players. If I wanted to team up with strangers I'd play multiplayer
  • I understand that some don't really like the clone wars that much, but I really don't think that dice should move on without having the female heroes that people were expecting from that era. I personally like the prequels better just for the overall aesthetic and universe that's easier to expand on with the clone wars tv show. Felucia is going to be a nice nod to acknowledge the significance of clone wars, but throwing in ahsoka, ventress, and possibly padme and cad bane or whatever, would really complete the motion. I feel like the originals, while they are amazing, are a lot more closed off in ways to create more content with them. Not that there isn't any, but it would run out rather quickly as opposed to the prequels. Then you have the rise of skywalker stuff which I, in my humble opinion, am not personally excited for because I don't really like what disney is doing with these new movies and assume that most of the players of this game wouldn't be too excited for that kind of material. I just think dice should get the most out of the clone wars while they're still on the topic.
  • Great being able to play with and against AI (never play GA or CS because so many cheating players using aimbots etc etc) so I might start playing this again. Anyway, I would really like a saber only mode, ditch showdown and replace with saber only mode, it was great last weekend with saber only fights andI cannot see the point of showdown TBH when you have HvV wich is basically the same thing. Also how is the ewok mode not replaced? does anyone play on that?
  • @F8RGE

    Felucia for GA????

  • hello there

    with the revert update coming in the next few days, is there any delay for the new content coming in september??
    when the september calendar will be release ??

    thanks !
  • Speedjack wrote: »
    hello there

    with the revert update coming in the next few days, is there any delay for the new content coming in september??
    when the september calendar will be release ??

    thanks !

    They already did. The next big update comes out September 25th.
  • When does the clone of the commando arrive? Any date?
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