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December CC

Request and offer to developers

Thanks a lot to the developers for this game and all the updates and changes that they have made, keep up the good work ... as a player and a fan of Star Wars, I want more costumes and characters as heroes against villains, different skins for them from different games and movies, more opportunities for character customization, how to choose with a hood whether or not Kylo Ren, in a mask or without in one suit or in another ... this is an example ... and thanks again for the game))


  • 1) what’s the offer?
    2) there are so many other areas that need dealing with before (more) hero skins. The thing has more bugs than the insect house at the local zoo, troopers and their weapons have been woefully neglected and if Extraction were a child, it would have been taken away by social services by now.
  • It's like trying to explain to a traffic warden that has just printed the parking ticket of the whole minute of overstay.(Never ever will listen to you and it's been written in blood upon stone) i swear dice or who ever tries to woefully update or change this poor game that they don't quite know what to do with it or maybe it's the £2.99 budget they are allowed to spend on the wages of the undelvelopers.It is a GAME and it's NOT the FILM, I enjoy the times when it's a mad mash up of teams of all out war it's quite fun but the minute they tinker with it or try to make it something it's never going to be it bombs out in a depressing sad saga of misery of nasty bugs and glitches
    They screw it up in such away they leave a nasty dent in it.maybe they like their girlfriends with hairy arm pitts.
    It was a gush of fresh air in 2017 but brought out hopelessly unfinished and brutishly broken and kind of a let down as all the hype about it 60% pure badgers piff
    Ewok hunt and distraction what a joke!!
    Just been left there to fester and die only played it twice and 2nd time I played those maps I had to repair my xbox with a hard off.compaired to 2015 I thought swb2 doesn't even earn the name of starwars
    What a shame we could if had such better maps and different gameplay.even the maps and the DLC packs were cool in 2015
    I'm sad and mad and angry at how just this all turned out.i bought it for my son for Xmas in 2017 he said it was the worst present he had ever received in his life and has vowed never to cast a shadow over it
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