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Mace Windu

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edited August 13
I know the developers said that they wouldn’t know how to make Windu different to the rest of the Jedi but seriously? Terrible excuse. If one had knowledge of the Star Wars lore it would be realised that Windu is different to all the jedi during the clone wars. Surely the purple lightsaber is a big clue?

People online have already created hypothetical star cards out, so maybe take influence from that? How can you not have the 2nd strongest jedi under Yoda in the game? Over Asoka Tano who only appeared in the clone wars series that’s it.

Mace Windu would have completely aggressive playstyle. You could say that ‘Anakin is has an aggressive playstyle’, but that’s only because he has 3 force abilities lol.

Make Vapaad strike an instant kill on all classes except for heavy and reinforcements

Shatterpoint: acts like Obi Wan’s middle abilities, but makes all opponents take double damage with longer cooldown to balance it out.

Force Crush: does 200 damage and immobilises opponent for 1 second.
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