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November Community Calendar

If All Heroes Had The Fourth Ability - Yoda

This is just a concept, not officially confirmed by DICE. No matter in what state the hero currently is, how OP or UP the ability might sound, other heroes or villains already having it in a different form or another this all is made for fun by a dedicated Battlefront player. I try to make it sound as balanced and fair as I can. Feedback is welcome; buffs or nerfs, tell me your thoughts below in the comments.
Showcasing his alliance with the force, Yoda puts his lightsaber aside and uses both of his hands to wield the Force in a cone in front of him to absorb incoming attacks that will increase the radius of the powerful blast, damaging and sending enemies farther away when it is unleashed.

Damage: 250
  • Grants 90% damage reduction to Yoda
  • Blocks explosives
  • Incoming attacks will Increase the range and push knockback
  • Staggers blocking enemies
Area of Effect:
  • 10 meters (Minimum)
  • 20 meters (Maximum)
Ability Duration: 4 seconds
Ability Cooldown: Ability charges when Yoda has received over 700 damage
Current Topics:
Leia Improvements
Heroes vs Villains Improvements
Staff Strikes Improvement

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I will not stop complaining until DICE update Leia's Hoth skin's sideburns and add some for Rey!!

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