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Hero hunt gamemode? (New gamemode idea)

I play on Pc and I can almost never find a game of ewok hunt except for peak hours on the weekends. I had a fun idea for a game mode that consists of a squad of 4 troopers or possibly 6 hunting down a hero that is randomly selected each round. There could be 1 enforcer and 1 infiltrator per team and the rest normal troops. This would be challenging for both the hero and the squad of troopers. I could see that being very fun, what are your guys thoughts?

Could you imagine a squad of troops vs Boba Fett or Chewbacca? it would be a real challenge especially if the troops didn't respawn for the rest of the round. It would require a lot of team play from the troops.


  • Darth Vader hunting down rebels 😂
  • tts42572
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    Interesting idea. You could even have two teams with like 1 hero and 4 troopers on each team but the hero is the one that would need to be eliminated to score a point for your team.

    However, it's still another deathmatch type mode variation. I think I'd rather see a hero only objective mode put into place that isn't jusy based around deathmatch. Something like hero only strike, extraction, etc. Those would be some fun games and the modes are already in place so they wouldn't need to re-invent the wheel here. It would be something they could easily roll out in my opinion.
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  • I believe they call this "The attack on the Jedi Temple".
  • They had this in Battlefront 2015. It was one of my favorite modes...
    Heroes are born on the battlefront... especially if you play the objective.
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