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"HEROES vs. VILLAINS" is still such a trash mode.. And here's why:

Over the duration of the game's lifespan, thus far.. The "Heroes vs. Villains" game mode has improved since launch, with the removal of the "player targeting" system. That was the first step that NEEDED to happen, to improve an extremely poorly implemented mode, from the start.
But this is nothing, but a mere ripple in a sea of issues.. And nothing further has been done to the mode, to improve it or even balance it out. Team scores are still incredibly one-sided and players (seemingly) don't actually take into account, that the targeting system has been removed.


Now, freedom of play is always an important factor, in these sort of scenarios.. But more often than not, teams ganging-up against you is ruining the fun of the game mode. I, like everyone else.. wants to play and enjoy the mode, as that's what it's in the game for. But I find myself quitting (okay.. "Rage quitting") in FAR more matches, than I do actually staying in a round and playing it to completion.. And also finding myself saying time and time.. And time again, that "This just isn't fun" and I'm afraid to say that it's becoming too much of a regular/constant thing.

Something needs to be done, to improve this mode, EA/DICE. There's no engaging or immersive lightsaber duels (particularly like the one's we've seen in the trailer footage for the game). And it's making this mode suffer, as a result.
Another thing that has gone towards improving the mode, has been the removal of the parry/bounce function, when sabers block and clash.

However, I SERIOUSLY think and feel that the lightsaber combat needs an overhaul. Look at what's been done, over at RESPAWN and the combat mechanics they've implemented in Jedi: Fallen Order. The lightsaber duelling/combat system feels more immersive and engaging in that. Just from the footage we've seen, alone. Battlefront II's saber duelling system is a casual system, at best. Whereas, there is a clear, hit detection and saber clashing mechanic system implemented in Jedi: Fallen Order.. And this is where their combat system will stand out over the Battlefront series. Even in Battlefront (2015), there was a lightsaber clash system that occurred when both players performed a "Heavy Strike" attack (as shown in some of the gameplay and trailer footage, between Luke & Vader) during E3 showings and the game's pre-release stages of development.
This is one feature that needs to return, in Battlefront II.. To offer a more engaging and immersive duelling system.

I've used those words quite a lot in this thread.. "Engaging" and "Immersive", but that is what this game (and particularly this game mode is all about). It's about reliving those epic lightsaber duels we all saw in the movies and currently, this game just isn't delivering, on that feature or being up to the standard that it should be, considering that it's 2019.. Not 1999.
But one of the BIG things about the "HEROES vs. VILLAINS" mode that needs to be improved, is the serious lack of balancing and to find some way to stop (or at least helping to prevent) the amounts of ganging-up and double & triple teaming, that players do, that ends in a white-wash of one team still having around 30+ "lives" left and the other team being down to about 10.

I hope this constructive criticism helps..

Thank you!

@F8RGE @EA_Tom @EA_Rtas @EA_Joz and @DICE


  • The saber system in this garbage.


    There is zero chance they will overhaul the saber system now. It's to late in the game.
  • EA_Tom
    482 posts EA Community Manager
    @DarkSideUser86 - thank you for taking the time to write this constructive post! We appreciate it.

    CeymalRen wrote: »
    The saber system in this garbage.

    Why? :)
  • HvV is almost always garbage, but it's got very little to do with "ganging up", it has to do with the atrociously bad matchmaking, and with the constant generation of OP heroes. The former is, well, obvious. For the latter, the cause is that every time they tweak the heroes, in a well-meaning way, they break something. Right now, Luke players can just button-mash their way to victory, skill is largely irrelevant, now that his speed was so dramatically increased. Similarly, a halfway decent Boba player will top the leaderboard pretty much every time now that he can recover almost instantly. If we're lucky, they'll fix these two, although I'm not particularly optimistic that will happen any time soon, although my concern is that they'll soon break somebody else. My advice, which they won't take, is that they try making small changes first, with the idea of perhaps slowly creeping them up if the initial change wasn't large enough, instead of game-unbalancingly-large ones.
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