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(HVV) matchmaking

Hello there,
I've been playing some hvv recently and it's gotten pretty boring because me and my friend are too good.
Sometimes we encounter players that challenge us which makes the game way more fun.
Unfortunately the matchmaking system in this game ruins it everytime, therefore the game continues to be boring.
What happens is that players get transferred to different lobbies, so everytime we encounter good players we play around 2 to 4 games against them and then either we or they get transfered. Why is this? I get that players get switched around teams inbetween rounds to balance out the lobby, but there's absolutely no reason to be transfered to a complete new lobby. All it does is make you wait for new players who usualy suck. This is not how matchmaking should work and it should be changed.


  • What do you guys think?
  • OcDoc
    1953 posts Member
    I play on PS4 and connect to the US Virginia server and typically play nights and weekends...

    While there are always a few bad players in the mix, most of my lobbies are populated with good players at this point. I don’t mind it that I get a fully new group every 4-5 games to keep things from feeling too similar. I am pretty sure it does that to fill up and consolidate some of the fragmented lobbies from player dropout.

    Sorry you are bored though. Maybe you can try a different ping site or change up the time you play a little to get some good action.

    Lots of people will disagree with me on this but I would also suggest play some GA this weekend during Heroes Unleashed which feels like a super sized HvV with objectives. It certainly isn’t “boring”.
  • I know how you feel but sadly the devs wont admit to there mistake and rework/remove matchmaking.
    Dont act a fool and you wont get called out. PSN: DarthOdium- old PSN:unit900000
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