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What I think about SWBF2

No matter what whenever I decide to load up this game to play with some friends I am always amazed by the sheer amount of frustration this game truly is. If it weren't for the crappy game engine, bugs, and glitches this could actually be an enjoyable game. At least it the graphics are nice and the attention to detail is spot on. But what happened from the transition from SWBF 2015 to this game?? I still play the older game way more than SWBF2 and I have to say SWBF 2015 is a way more superior game and more fun. It's as though SWBF2 was merely made by rotating interns 🤷. Lately, I browsed through some Onion News videos, and this really hit the spot when I was thinking about all the terrible game mechanics, glitches, and bugs on SWBF2:

We ought to really make a parody of this for SWBF2 marketing. 😂


  • 2015 was more frustating
  • this_old_mouse
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    SQJACKIE wrote: »
    2015 was more frustating
    Not if you knew what you were doing. Skill was actually rewarded in that game. The TTK was far lower and allowed for good players to dominate. The skill ceiling was massive and required large amounts of mechanical prowess. This game however is so ridden with bugs and so poorly balanced that bad plays can get away with bad play and good players are hindered because of the mechanics.
  • DogVan
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    Both games have their pros and cons and I found the time it took me personally to get "decent" at each game similar. I had over 300 hours on 15 but I prefer this one hands down although the bugs, lag and aim drift drive me crazy and force me to shut down the game in frustration after an hour or so (hopefully will be prioritised following recent dev posts).

    Of course integrating elements of the two in the future (guns/maps) would be awesome but I like variety and the multiple eras was the main thing that attracted me to this game when I saw the trailer. I can't say I agree with you that DICE didn't provide good transition coming into this game (putting the initial problems to one side). Rebels/Empire only --> R/E, clones, droids, resistance, FO and that's before reinforcements. Both have great maps.

    Either way I paid £8 for this during a sale last year and despite seeing elements of the game get tragically worse sometimes after updates I have gotten many many hours of gameplay out of it with free extensive DLC and loads more to come from the sounds of things (🙏🏼 improvements). 15 had its own problems and overpriced DLC which fragmented the community, but from a bugs/lag point was ahead of 17.

    Just my opinion and everyone entitled to their own 👍🏼
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