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Can non-Republic Trooper factions get more customization and facial options?

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With the recent release of the clone trooper skins, which I've enjoyed very much, I've been craving more variety in my other Trooper factions. In the previous BATTLEFRONT title, the player was given the choice of multiple human heads, both male and female, along with several alien heads, to equip on their soldier. I loved this system, spending quite a while choosing my character right down to their Star Card loadout and blaster (enter my Rebellion soldier, Wodi Quix!), and was more than a little disappointed that in this game, every class was locked to a select few preset options, even after the customization drop.

If you've played BATTLEFRONT II's campaign, you'll likely notice that the human and alien customization options that we currently enjoy in this game are taken from said campaign, where NPC player models with every single human and alien head from BATTLEFRONT 2015, along with some new faces, human and alien alike, can be seen roaming about.

Taking the rest of the human and alien heads from the campaign not already being used and allowing them to be multiplayer customization options would be wonderful and would really bring variety to the BATTLEFRONT. In addition, allowing any head, human or alien, male or female, to go on any of the four classes for the Light side factions, and allowing any male or female human head on any of the Dark side Officer factions, along with the option of both male and female stormtrooper classes, would also add some diversity to the BATTLEFRONT, allowing for more player choice. It would also allow me to be able to play as Wodi Quix again!

Also in the campaign, several uniform options can be seen, such as different Officer uniform ranks and colors for the Rebels and Empire, Rebel pilots, Magma Rebel uniforms, and to a degree, TIE pilots. Different colors on stormtrooper pauldrons, regardless of class, can also be seen. Adding greater uniform variety like the options mentioned above would also increase player choice while still remaining true to canon events.

Basic human and alien heads could cost the standard amount of credits they currently are set at, and uniform options could be classified as common, uncommon, rare, or epic, respectively, with appropriate credit costs to match.

I've heard the argument before that customization is locked the way it is because of the necessity of class distinction. I believe that telling which class is which is easy enough based on what uniform the trooper is wearing and what weapon they are carrying. I don't believe that species and genders need to be locked to certain classes to tell them apart.

All in all, I'd love to see more customization afforded to the non-Galactic Republic Trooper factions. The clones had their fun! Now it's time for the rest of the Troopers to join in! As many of you know, I'm a huge Trooper fan, and would be very pleased with this form of content, in addition to a few more Trooper-related updates! :)


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