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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

What I felt in HVV

I have played this game for over 1700 hours.
They say they are adjusting the game for beginners
I will introduce what is happening for that.

This is only my selfish idea

The game is determined by the program, and you can never win with a losing pattern
No matter how dominant you are, you will be killed by the phenomenon described below.

In close combat, rotation, movement and swing are slowed and killed
You will be blown away by a shock wave that you don't know who has fired, and you will be killed
Of course, guards do not work
This attack is no-count, and even if you give an attack, you can only deal one digit of damage to your opponent
Sometimes you can do more than 600 damage with one swing, and die with a single blow
Abilities will not trigger on enemies that are not guarded at all.
Starcards are sometimes useless at all, and the program is adjusting more than 10 times
When I go down, I always get up with my back to my opponent, get attacked from my back, and die
In close combat, your opponent will automatically follow your back and die.

I sometimes feel weakened, others may not

Even if you try with a ping of 50 or less

Why do teams with different powers have the same number of tickets, or lose 15 or 20 tickets when losing?

Because the program is in control.

There is no difference in experience

Still, there seems to be consideration to go up on the podium

What I want to say
I agree with the point of protecting beginners, but when the experience level is set to 1000, the current system is bad

If you want to make a showdown, I want you to make a match without the help of the program, or even a tournament

I'm sorry to get drunk
Good luck with Google translation
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