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Fullscreen refresh rate

Hello, i have a problem if i want to put my resolution to 2560x1440 or 3840x2160. The fullscreen refresh rate doesn't go higher than 30.00 Hz. If i go 1080pixels then it will go to 60.00 Hz, but a higher resolution stay's on 30.00 Hz and lower. I have proof of grand theft auto refresh rate being at 60.00 Hz(see both images).

How come my refresh rate in Battlefront 2 doesn't go higher than 30.00 Hz. I tried a different HDMI cable, i tried a different HDMI port. But then i saw GTA V being on 60.00 Hz, so it is not a hardware problem. It is a problem in the program. The only thing i thought about is repairing the files in Origin but i don't know if that is going to help.

Does someone has a solution?


Thanks in advance.

Gester Paez
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