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Dominate Blaster Heroes

Why don’t we have a few fast agile dominate blaster heroes like Greedo and Bossk from the last game. They had great mobility and blasters and by comparison the current ones are garbage.

Bossk needs his old Relby back, BF needs his old ee3 back, Han, Leila, Iden, and Finn need a speed boost, Phasma just sucks unless she’s played a certain way, and Lando’s blaster needs some major work. I don’t like the idea of relying on stuns or spam because of a weak garbage weapon and lack of mobility.


  • Greedo is a must. Along with basically all of the BF15 Blaster Heroes.
  • Agree with everything you said. Hero design is pretty poor in this game and the reliance on stuns has been awful (there are EIGHT characters with stuns :# ).
    Hopefully OT content is next so we can keep our fingers crossed for some decent blaster heroes next.
  • Ppong_Man12
    2604 posts Member
    edited August 16
    I of course agree X, a Greedo type kit would be awesome, as well as the old weapons.
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