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SWB2_UX_Enhancement: Display actual weapon kills and attachment kills to unlock the next item.

Purely a suggestion that I would have found helpful.
I'm relatively new to SWB2 with some weapons and attachments still locked.

[Kills Required to Unlock Weapons and Attachments.]
1. Go to the Collection screen.
2. Select any of the main classes.
3. Go to the Equip Weapons screen which displays a list weapons and attachments which start locked.

[ACTUAL]: A rectangle represents how close you are to unlocking the next weapon/weapon attachment. The user doesn't know the exact number of kills remaining or how much kills he/she currently has.

[ENHANCEMENT]: Include the actual number of kills obtained and the amount required. Example: 35/50 kills.
This would also be visible during a match in class selection/customization.

Similar to how it displays when a game has ended and you go to the challenges tab when at the end screen. It will show the number of kills you have and the required amount to complete the challenge.
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