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HvV ideas and suggestions lightsaber combat new game modes

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I've listened to a lot of suggestions and I'm going to try center this around what is best for everyone
I think HvV should have 3 game modes I don't know if people still want Heroes Showdown so I am going to say 4 modes
I think there should be a free for all mode with 100 lifes and whoever kills the most wins it should have fast ability recharge 5 or 10 seconds with double health for every character. Some people will think that it's too fast but I played with my friend and it was so much fun being able to keep bouncing force powers at one another and blocking every single one also with the option of being able to play commandos/droidekas jump troopers etc
Then for the second mode I would have 8v8 with a 10-15 second ability recharge time and double health and 75 lifes this should be lightsabers and blasters so the ability recharge is faster than HvV but slower than free for all
In the 3rd mode Heroes v Villians it should be 4v4 with normal health and abilities but should have 3 options HvV lightsaber, blaster or both with 50 lifes
This would suit everyone based on what type of game you want to play I would prefer if heroes Showdown was taken out but again I don't mind
I think Anakin and vader should be buffed I know people complain about anakin but instead of debuffing him buff everyone else for example everyone but blasters should have a 4th ability
The lightsabers combat needs to be more fluid instead of blocking and attacking two players attacking each other at the same time they press the attack button the lightsabers should bounce off one another in a fluid way so you only take damage if you aren't blocking or attacking
The blocking needs to be better I think to stop people being ganged up on by 4 players your block should be able to block 120 degree area in front of you and if someone shoots you while you are blocking it should be able to deflect incoming damage from behind with a cool animation but if your attacking the blaster can only be deflected from the front also if you press the attack button at the same time as they shoot it should defect it back but not as accurate as a block
Force powers like force push should be able to deflect bombs and rockets
There should be two types of dodges a long dodge that uses up your two dodges by holding it and a normal dodge so characters with 3 dodges like dooku can be much more tactical being able to do one long and one short to close the distance quickly
The jump animation needs to be flip if you tap the button and jump animation like the one we have if you hold it falling needs to be faster unless you hold the jump button while you fall this will allow players to do a long jump then a flip by tapping it then you will fall fast onto your target for an attack exactly like in the movies or if you were falling off ledge and there's one near you you can hold the jump button to slow your descent so you will make the ledge
One last suggestion with the lightsaber combat if you hold the attack button at the same time your opponent holds it the lightsabers should clash and the characters will say something like join me etc. If you hold it and they don't it will be considered a normal attack this would be soo cool in the free for all mode I mentioned earlier because if you have a fight and clash with that character and he beats you and said join me then you might link up with him and help him in the free for all so you effectively joined him also the party chat should be open for free for all this would be soo funny when people start getting angry when you beat them or want to have a secluded fight

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