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No Match for a Good Blaster

Defender class

They should make a fourth special unit class, we have aerial class, enforcer class, infiltrater class I think Defender class fits in pretty well. So it would be shock trooper for the republic magna guard for the sepratists and make it to where the magna guards can walk on walls and other metal things for a short time, then they should make it the red royal guards for the empire maybe just maybe a lasat similar to zeb from the rebels show just not zeb, the lasat would be for the rebels, then riot troopers or maybe the elite praetorian guards, maybe one of the knights of ren, but it would probably be the riot troopers with the white shields for the first order, maybe moncalamari soldiers for the resistance because I think leia, rey and the other surviving rebels go to the moncalamari for help after the last jedi and that's how they rebuild in the rise of skwalker movie. I think the fourth special unit the Defender class that I was thinking about is much needed to make it even.
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