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The Large Topic on Reinforcements

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Hello, this is a topic about reinforcements, including ideas for new ones and balancing existing ones.
Feel free to post more ideas for reinforcements, on how to make the reinforcements more equally matched, and to tell me your opinions on my solutions. If anybody disagrees with what anybody else is saying, please keep it polite.

I am going to start with talking about the Republic reinforcements. I feel that the Republic Wookie and Arc Trooper are outmatched. The Jet Troopers seem fairly equal.

The Wookie Warrior needs to be able to deal high damage at a long range because it currently is far out ranged by the very powerful B2 Super Battle Droid and Rocket Droid. The Wookie is meant for close range, and I understand that. With the Destroyer Droid out, the Wookie is now ineffective even in that role. Overload barely scratches the Destroyer Droid because its shields are to resistant to blaster fire. My solution would be to replace triple shot with a single, high damage shot; and when charged (holding left mouse button) fires triple shot horizontally or vertically. Overload could stay how it currently is.

The Arc Trooper is actually great in duels. If engaged by anymore than two however, he has a large disadvantage. The Arc Troopers blasters are somewhat inaccurate and adding to the problem is the very short firing time. The CIS however have the Commando Droid with an extremely accurate long range, high damage blaster with considerable firing time. I have two solutions for the Arc Trooper. #1 The blasters do more damage per hit. #2 The firing time is increased. One or the other would work; however I would prefer #2 personally.

The CIS should only have two Droidekas at maximum. Four is to many. They should at least not be able to interact with objectives like bombs and doors. Other than that, they are fine.

On a side note, I would really like the Enforcers to get the (80% larger grenade explosion) Star Card back.

All or most of the new reinforcements I mention have probably already been mentioned in other posts. These aren't all original ideas, but I will come up with abilities, etc. that I think will work for the new reinforcement.

One idea for a new Rebel reinforcement would be the Rebel Pathfinder.

Name: Pathfinder
Class: Infiltrator
Health: Whatever the Infiltrator is. I forgot. :)
Weapon: A-280CFE (Modified) I would give it more firing time like three or four more shots.


#1 Sticky Bomb (It is like a Detonite Charge but does more damage or starts a fire.) Recharge: 20-30 sec.

#2 Sniper Attachment (Increases range and damage at expense to firing time and cooldown.) No recharge

#3 Stealth (The Pathfinder makes no noise at all; is off radar; attaches a silencer that reduces damage, range, and fire rate; and he does 150 melee damage.) Active Duration: 40 sec.? Recharge: 60 sec. (Number three would need to be tested to find good numbers.)

One idea for the Republic has been the Clone Commando who has been in a large number of posts. I personally don't no much because I have never played Republic Commando or read the books. The only things I know are from people talking about them and from The Clone Wars series. I am going to let other people suggest ideas on this one.

Another idea for the Republic is the Clone Flame Trooper. I like the idea, but the Republic needs long range reinforcements before I would want this. It would basically be The First Order version with a new outfit and slightly different Flamethrower.

Name: Flame Trooper
Class: Enforcer
Health: Enforcer's health. I forgot this one too. :)
Weapon: Flamethrower (I would make it shoot farther but have less width than the First Order version.)


#1 Fortify

#2 Overload (Increase its width as well as everything else Overload normally does.)

#3 Incendiary Grenade

Side: CIS
Name: Magna Guard
Class: Enforcer
Health: Enforcer's Health
Weapon: E-5 Blaster (Modified?) There is probably a better blaster to choose.


#1 Electrostaff (Magna guard switches to a Electrostaff. Each hit does 75 damage.)

#2 Stab (Requires electrostaff, Stuns opponent for 3 seconds and does 150 damage. )

#3 Swirl (Requires electrostaff, slows Magna Guard for duration, All blaster and lightsaber attacks from the front are blocked.)

Side: Empire
Name: Imperial Royal Guard
Class: Enforcer
Weapon: E-11 (Modified) Maybe a longer fire time and rate.


#1 Force Pike (Royal Guard pulls out a force pike. Each hit does 50 damage but makes opponent get flung back a few meters)

#2 Immobilize (The Guard uses the force pike to pick up one opponent and immobilize him for 2 seconds. It does no damage, but the opponent can be moved around.)

#3 Pull (The opponent is pulled toward the Royal Guard)

The final idea for the Light Side would be to give them weak Jedi Enforcers with basic pull, push, etc. I like the idea, and I think it would go nicely with the Magna Guard and Imperial Royal Guard.

Thank you for reading this long topic because I worked a long time on it, and I would like to know what your favorite idea here is.
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  • Lyc4n
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    I will really enjoy this thread. I think the closest we will have to a droideka is actualy the wookie. Very strong close range damage, can really do damage to a hero with overload due to the splash damage not being bloackable. I really would see your droideka and wookie as the close quarters anti hero and have the clone commandos more less on equal footing as the b2 super battlefroids. Being able to change their weapon they would be a threat from any range. I woulda see them as better than the b2 though so maybe similar in the sense of a jack of all trades but make it 3k battle points due to powerlevel. The arc trooper and commando droids are specialised in close quarters combat despite being usefull at different ranges. The arc trooper can melt droids health with the fire rate especially landing headshots. The power blast also makes it a threat at range. The accuracy of the commando droid makes them good from medium tolong range but the vibro sword is huge and designed for melee combat.

    In terms of other reinforcements. They could definitly add clone flame troopers as well as other unique droids. Such as a crabb droid. Make it unique movement wise being able to attach onto walls and climb up walls. This would make them unique in a similar way to droidekas which are really enjoyable.

    They could also add melee reinforcements, magna guards and generic jedi padawan/knight.
  • I would like to tell everyone I finished the topic.
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