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No Match for a Good Blaster

Clone and droid Jettroopers need a nerf

This 2 units are op as hell they need a huge nerf because there is no point to play with other units or with regular troops because they suck compare to this op gods.They need hp damage and mobility nerf.


  • American_ninja
    26 posts Member
    edited August 15
    I agree, game is unplayable with them. That applies for all jetpack units. They just hit and fly away and wait for recharge, are almost impossible to kill, like they are bulletproof, and possibly have some kind of aim assist. it's a instakill troll and noob unit.
  • They have pretty low HP as it is. While they can be annoying, I don’t find them too difficult to get rid of as a regular trooper (as long as you don’t get hit by their rocket at the onset). While it varies between maps, the main advantage they generally offer, in my opinion, is the heights/places they can reach from which most players generally don’t expect to be attacked (because most players don’t look up in this game). While their abilities make them fairly agile, again, I don’t think this in and of itself makes them too much of a problem to deal with them as a regular trooper as long as you play it smart (as one should against all reinforcements).

    That said, they can end up clogging up the map though (again, depends on the map), so, at most, I would say slightly reduce the total aerials a side can have in play at a given time or just slightly increase their bp cost (no more than 1,500 though).
  • Actually, one more thing, I do agree that they should have their long-range damage reduced so as to match the actual weapon they use (i.e. a jet trooper using a DC-17 should have the same damage output and drop offs as an officer using it).
  • For some reason the clone jet trooper has less health than the rocket droid
  • Werowe4 wrote: »
    They have pretty low HP as it is.

    don't know about the HP, but these guys just fly around instakilling, while u can't do anything to them. I've seen it too many times. Doesn't matter if u have heavy shield , more HP, cards, fired a full burst and hit them with grenade at the same time.

  • TX_88
    22 posts Member
    All of the B2 Super battle droids got nerfed when the droids basically got nerfed they have the same wrist blaster I was playing since beta and it was noticeable that the B2's damage out put is significantly less than before I guess a ton of toxic Republic super fans wanted us nerfed in another area as well ... that is so ***** up!
  • The jet trooper DC-17 pistol is the best non-hero blaster in the game. That thing has no fall off damage at range, is insanely accurate at range, and can 2 shot all infantry except heavies. Not to mention it can obliterate a hero not guarding or standing still.
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