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Instead of KD, DICE should add...

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edited August 15
Instead of KD, DICE should add kills per class so the game can remain player friendly and people can get a sense of accomplishment by racking up a lot of kills per class/Hero. Any thoughts on this?

It could be similar to overwatch even through the game isn’t that fun IMO.


  • CC_1010
    1817 posts Member
    While I like the idea. I think death are important. You can get 20 eliminations but can also die 21 times for it. You actually didn’t help your team but may be on the leaderboard.
  • Alex64
    7663 posts Member
    Also MVP should be back IMO.
    Why so serious?
  • Disboy
    180 posts Member
    Nah KD shows skill, while kills per class just shows effort. As someone commented above: 20 kills with 21 deaths but only being recognized for kills is just wrong.
  • Lyc4n
    1164 posts Member
    I personally like it. We need to remember this is a casual game not competitive. Making it kills means even people with not too much sense of self preservation can feel like they can make it onto leaderboard and make it that tini bit more competitive without making some people go complete tryhard.

    I would personally prefer try hard and kd if the game was made with a competitive mindset but i feel like more people will be turned off competitively than turned on by this and that would do more damage than good.

    Ofcourse it would be positive in forums where people take it seriously mostly and have a higher skill level on average but we need to remember the vast majority of the player base isnt like this.

  • Alex64 wrote: »
    Also MVP should be back IMO.

    Yes that definitely
  • Add both KD and some objective score number. Should make everybody happy.
  • KD is kinda ruined with the spawn menu require to be accessed by Death.
    But just kills is also ruin by several insta kill abilities (launch Anakin HM).
    Best to go off Class ED only having 4 stats (Infantry, Vehicle, Star Fighter(including hero star fighters), and Heroes)
    Shows off what you true strengths and weaknesses are in the game standard stuff didn’t have good stats last game as OP heroes pushed up your KD.
    What does DX in my name stand for?
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