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Take darth maul out of capital supremacy he makes no sense!!

Darth maul fighting for the sepratists in the clone wars makes no sense, he only wants revenge on obi-wan by killing other jedi that are hunting maul down he doesn't fight for the sepratists, replace him with his brother savage opress, he actually serves as count dooku's apprentice for a while after ventress, darth maul's default episode one skin definitley does not make any sense. If they don't take darth maul out of CS at least replace his default skin with the clawed grievous like droid legs or the more human looking droid legs skin, he could only use one half of his lightsaber tho. They could add in his star wars rebels show appearance to, you can't use that skin in CS only HvV and GA.


  • who else agrees with my darth maul theory I want to know what every one thinks???
  • Huh??
  • So does Bossk if I remember well
  • Yea bossk doesn't make any sense either. He is a bounty hunter, he hardly ever works for the separatists in the clone wars.
  • Hey buddy...

    It’s a game
  • Keep maul and add palpatine
  • All I'm saying is that capital supremacy is supposed to be era correct. If they don't take him out then fine, just add one of his clone wars skins, he could only wield one lightsaber tho. you don't have to be so negative, its just a theory.
  • ElfiGreen4 wrote: »
    Keep maul and add palpatine

    yea they could've replaced Bossk with Palpatine
    Instant Action Saved The Offline Community!!

  • Oh good lord...

    *hits mute*
  • Since when was CS meant to be era correct? EA and DICE never told us, "Oh this mode is going to era correct. Yes! That's right, no cross-era heroes. Meaning as the Dark Side you can only play as Count Dooku and Grievous, and for the Light you can play as Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin. CS will be great for everyone!"

    Darth Maul is an exciting character to play as in CS. Using his speed and agility to cut your way through clone troopers to save the near lost command post being secured by ARC troopers and enemy heroes, then ultimately killing them. I love using Darth Maul on CS and he shouldn't be removed. And speaking of appearances, we need a Hooded Darth Maul appearance.
  • I've kinda changed my mind a long time ago about taking maul out of CS, but his episode one default skin still does not make much sense so i would lock his default skin only for CS and add in his clone wars skins to replace it, i would make his episode one skin locked only for CS not GA cause maul has his original legs during the clone wars his original legs were long gone before the clone wars even started.
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