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Under water moncala capital supremacy map or new under water only game mode

They should make a under water CS or a new game mode and maps that are only under water, where you can be mon calamari soldiers and scuba clone troopers, also the sepratists aqua battle droid. Then make scuba storm troopers against mon calamari soldiers, then, well we've already seen first order scuba troopers from the resistance show, so it will be FO scuba troopers fighting the mon calamari soldiers. They could add in the clones under water speeder as seen in the clone wars show, and the sepratists Trident-class assault ship, also as seen in the clone wars, CS, GA game modes on Kamino, what do you think about blasting clones, droids, storm troopers, mon calamari and FO scuba troopers while swimming under water.


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