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EA / DICE Bend Thine Ear!!

Alright First off I would like to thank you for making this game into an incredibly enjoyable game over the past few years. With update after update you have proved to the fans and to yourselves that you can give the Star Wars Universe what it truly deserves.

That being said I can't help but have this overwhelming thought every time I play this masterpiece SWBII.. That is what if your TEAM decided to apply your talents to convert the already incredible animations, visuals, and graphics into an MMO!? I mean, this is coming from a person who hasn't found a home in an MMO since Star Wars Galaxies. I tried The Old Republic and it was good in its own right but its not in the right Era. It also doesn't have that gritty outlaw feeling that your game does. So that being said would your incredible TEAM find a way to transport us to a galaxy far far away full of mystery in an MMORPG sandbox universe with these incredible graphics, animations, and visuals to help bring it to life?
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