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Ranking System

Currently leveling your character beyond 40 is pointless, there's no reward doing it.

Based on that, wouldn't be nice to have some kind of ladder, where we can rank the most leved players?

I think would be awesome to see you character in a ladder, that would give you some energy to keep playing and get up in the rank.

Imagine this: you've a Chewie level 42 and you're the 17º Chewie player on the rank and you only need a few kills to pass another player to be the 16º. In my opinion this would give some sense to leveling after 40.

I don't think is that hard to do it, because it's only a matter of displaying the players database data and it would focus more on doing sql queries.

Also I would love to have the total kills and assists that I've done so far

So, what do you guys think?
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