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Ewan McGregor Returning as Obi Wan for Disney + TV series

101 posts Member

I was disappointed that this wasn't going to be a movie but now that I see it will be a series, I'm even more excited. So many possibilities for great stories and Ewan's Obi-Wan is an excellent character.


  • OcDoc
    1780 posts Member
    He is at a really good age to do something interesting with his character and fill in some blanks. Hopefully they go for it and do something quality with him.
  • AzorAhai
    1341 posts Member
    I'd love to see this if they could do something interesting with it. I'm still holding out hope that he shows up in Episode 9.
  • Hopefully they wont have a "strong" female role in it
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  • Very hyped for this, I'm a huge Ewan and Obi-Wan fan.
  • Cant wait
  • DarthJ
    6655 posts Member
    Kind of excited but also a bit wary.

    The comics have shown a few adventures of him on Tatooine, like stopping Jabba's thugs from raiding the Lars homestead and helping protect Jawas from Tusken Raiders. But could that constitute a full series? Bare in mind he would have to generally stay covert, or else word would have spread where and who he was.

    Also, its not like he can go off planet for an adventure surely? His whole remit between 3 and 4 was to watch over Luke and train him to become a Jedi eventually. If he goes off world for a bit, it would go against what we know he did. How would he have known Vader wouldnt have shown up and taken Luke? (I know he didnt obviously, but could he have taken the risk).
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