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If we ever get OT Capital Supremacy, please make it different from PT Capital Supremacy.

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First of all, I just wanna give a big thanks to the 584 people who voted in the OT CS maps poll the other day. Here are the results:


Second, I just wanted to make this post saying that if we do ever get an OT version of Capital Supremacy, please make it different from the current version of PT Capital Supremacy.

TL;DR at the bottom.

I can't remember on which post he mentioned this, but Charlemagne once mentioned that due to the low amount of maps/players for the smaller modes, they were once thinking about merging Extraction into a playlist with Strike. While that would bring some more players, it may not bring a lot, and the situation gets worse because it is very likely that the smaller modes won't be getting new maps.

Therefore, I know that some of you may have seen me post this already, but if we do get an OT version of Capital Supremacy, can you please merge Strike, Extraction and Starfighter Assault into Capital Supremacy as individual phases?

Please just read the post before you judge. This could be a solution that would satisfy many players because the majority of the matches will still be infantry combat, with only one single phase being Starfighter combat, and only on 2-3 maps.

These new phases would occur on-board the capital ship as Sabotage and Extract and as a final Starfighter Assault phase. The ground phase will remain exactly the way it is (no starfighters).


The teams could plant explosives on new objectives such as:

•Hyperdrive Generators (to prevent an escape).

•Transport shuttles or vehicles.

•Heavy cannons on-board the ship.



Push into the ship and extract:

•A payload.

•A droid.

•other ideas.

After the Capital Ship phase, the very final phase features a Starfighter Assault phase, but only on 2-3 maps.

In this phase, whichever team Sabotages and Extracts their objectives from the enemy’s capital ship first gets to attack and destroy the enemy capital ship in starfighters.

It will be an epic all-out starfighter battle that revolves around destroying the enemy’s capital ship featuring 20 vs. 20 in starfighters (no AI needed except for the light cruisers and bombing squadrons).

EVERYONE will be in a starfighter and will be having an epic dogfight around the capital ships.

The defenders get 2-4 light cruisers around their capital ship.

The attackers get Bombing Squadrons.

I’m mainly hoping that they do this if they bring in an OT version of Capital Supremacy.

If they do decide to do this, the starfighter phase should only be on 2-3 maps because I do understand that some people hate forced flying and would like the game to end with the capital ship phase. But please, include a starfighter phase.

Remember that some people were even expecting starfighters in Capital Supremacy in the very beginning.


TL;DR: Strike, Extraction and Starfighter Assault should be merged into Capital Supremacy as phases. The players of the smaller modes need something new. This would be a great way to satisfy everyone. I think that this worked pretty well with BF2015's Battlestation and Infiltration game modes.


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