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GA unplayable with lag and rubberbanding

Game has been unplayable today particularly GA since the HU event. This needs fixing on Xbox ASAP!


  • This is every game mode. Can't play. Every server I get put into, no player can move and everyone backing out. So much for this event this weekend..
  • I got the same problem in GA on Xbox One. The lag is real!
  • Earlier on this was also happening with SA on Kamino and Endor. I'm not sure whether it got fixed or whether it was simply limited to those maps but I was able to play on Ryloth, Unknown Regions, D'Qar, and Fondor with no problems. Fondor was before playing a match on Kamino when lag was still an issue but the other maps were after I played a laggy game hence me not being sure about whether there was a fix or not.

    HvV was not lagging when I tried playing that.
  • No server issues on 2015 game right now. Whenever this event is playing 2015 servers are pretty much full. Mostly. That's where I'm at. But watching Netflix atm
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