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The Roadmap, The Shift, and The Drip

We're days away from an official roadmap update that will take us through the rest of 2019.

From the intel I've gathered and the recent comments by Ben, I think I've pieced together a pretty solid roadmap that will be very close to what we see revealed during Gamescom.
We've been told that the roadmap will have something for everyone, so I think we'll all have reasons to look forward to content drops throughout the rest of the year.


PVE Large Scale Objective Based Mode -
So we know that we're getting an update this month. We'll be receiving the "first" of the PVE experiences. We thought for a while that would be simply one mode, but after Ben's recent comments it's fair to say that we could actually see two PVE modes released this month. At worst there would be one released in August and one in September. There's a better chance of the modes being split up and not released at the same time. (I think there are more to be had eventually than just the two, but more on that later). The focus will (and should) be in PVE this month. We've waited long enough... And I believe that this large scale mode is going to be huge.

Starfighter Assault PVE -
I think the bulk of the focus will remain on PVE for the month of September, but knowing that the vocal majority of the player base aren't as thrilled with PVE as you or I, they'll be sure to include other content that will appease the rest of players. Namely...

I think there's a good chance of seeing some skins added over the next few months, in the September-November window. Maybe one a month. Maybe a couple every other month. If I had to guess, I'd say some Luke skins, (there's plenty to choose from: Tatooine, Endor, Bespin, Yavin throne room). One thing I can say for sure is that we won't get any Sequel Luke skins yet. Maybe we'll get Han's ANH skin during this period. It makes sense and ticks a lot of boxes. So I'll say that September sees a skin drop, and a skin challenge. Endor Luke drops for all players, and Farmboy Luke is acquired via community challenge.

Heroes -
Padme is the prime candidate for release this month. Voice lines exist for banter between Grevious and Padme and she's been long rumored. Expect Padme (with 2 skins).

Heroes -
Jango Fett or Cad Bane (recent comments from the devs have placed Bane ahead of Jango in the (rocket hero) hierarchy. I personally would prefer movie characters over animated. (Still love to see QuiGon, Mace, Jango). But I perfectly understand the appeal and desire for some Clone Wars characters. And I think we need to stop thinking in terms of what's better, or "instead of." We should be thinking that we want both, not choosing one over the other.
Expect to see Cad Bane in October.

Weapons -
Long desired, part of the "something for everyone" content will be delivered in October. I can see four new weapons. One for each class. And they'll probably be OT weapons like the T-21, SE-44, etc. I think whatever is added here will be the only weapons addition to the game (unless they revisit again late in 2020, but it's doubtful). To be honest, I don't much care about new weapons. I'm one who likes to play with the era-specific weapons. Regardless of the advantages I lose by picking a different blaster. I like the immersion. It always irks me when I see a OT Stormtrooper rocking a First Order blaster. But to each their own. We'll have a few more options soon.

Hero Skins -
We'll see another skin drop in October. This time it will be Luke's ANH Yavin Jacket released for all players with Han's ANH skin acquired by community challenge. Maybe we get lucky and get a Maul (Solo) skin, too.

Reinforcements / Trooper Skins -
Maybe Clone Commandos weren't a part of the "prophecy" but it doesn't mean they aren't coming. Dennis has said that the focus will be shifting to Reinforcements over heroes and Commandos have been discussed so much recently, so I think it's fair to say that this will be happening BEFORE Felucia.
I'd expect Commandos and the Galactic Marine Clone skins.

This will be the swan song for the PREQUEL ERA, at least for a while. I still think that we'll see other Prequel content/heroes (like QuiGon and Mace Windu) sprinkled in through the games' lifespan, but the bulk of Prequel content will end here. The November update is the FALL UPDATE, and it will be huge.

New Map - Felucia.
We've been told Felucia will be designed with a Capital Supremacy in mind, which is encouraging for the PVE crowd, since the official roadmap lists Felucia as playable in PVE. There's also an increasing chance that we'll see Felucia for Galactic Assault. Fingers crossed.

Heroes - Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress.
Once again there have been numerous teases, hints, and rumors about these two coming to Battlefront, and this is the perfect time. Voice lines have been data mined. Dev comments have supported the rumors. Leakers have confirmed the two being in development. And Disney+ will resurrect The Clone Wars TV series starting in November (at was planned for a Nov release, then pushed to 2020, but now we're hearing Nov again for Clone Wars at the service launch). It makes sense that the devs planned it to coincide with Disney+ launch. They have no control over Disney shuffling the deck, and they can't delay content or they lose out on release Windows.

PVE Modes -
The official Roadmap currently hints at other PVE Experiences coming in the Fall with Felucia. Ben is teasing two modes for PVE right now, but we've had devs tease "several" new modes. Several does not mean more than one. Several means more than three, fewer than many. It wouldn't surprise me to see another PVE mode or two along with FELUCIA.

Beginning in December we will see a shift in content focus. We'll be steering away from the Prequel Era, and the devs will dive head first into SEQUEL ERA CONTENT.
In the lead up for The Rise of Skywalker, we can expect December and January to be heavy on the ST content. (Well, December won't be "heavy" on anything, since it's a holiday month for DICE, and it follows a massive November update), but I do expect some content prior to Rise of Skywalker in December. Then in January following the release, is when I think we'll see the maps and any other major content related to the film and the ST in general. If we're lucky, this content will stretch into February and beyond. There's actually quite a bit of SEQUEL TRILOGY content to be had right now, although you wouldn't think so.

Skins -
Prior to Episode IX, we'll see news kind for Rey, Finn, and maybe Kylo from the movie. Not much content prior, just a tease of what's to come in Rise of Skywalker.

New Maps -
There will likely be an Ep IX themed map for Capital Supremacy and Galactic Assault (as well as PVE).

Canto Bight streets and casino (okay so most folks weren't crazy about the canto bight scene in Last Jedi, but not counting Episode 9, it is the only location/ set piece from the Sequels that hasn't already been included (and so, it makes sense for inclusion).

Capital Supremacy -
The SEQUEL ERA will begin to be added to Capital Supremacy.

Legendary Skins -
Skins for SEQUEL ERA Luke (x2), Han, Leia, Lando, and (not a spoiler since he has been confirmed by Lucasfilm) Palpatine???

Heroes - Poe, Hux, Snoke, and Maz Kanata can and should be added, plus a potential hero addition from EpIX.

Hero Skins -

Reinforcements -
The options are plentiful. And with the focus shifting to reinforcements I'd expect more soon.
Praetorian Guards
Resistance pilots
First order pilots
Execution troopers
Riot troopers

Starfighter Assault -
If we were to get any ST additions, there are three obvious possibilities:
Starkiller Base and Takodana are really just expansions of the Galactic Assault maps for each location. The Starfighter combat for both is pretty tight and would be great in-atmosphere additions.

In the final Skywalker Saga move I'd expect a massive space battle. An Episode 9 location should be a no-brainer.


The argument from most players has been "I want new maps over ported maps." That's great, and I get the sentiment. But once we reach the point where the focus goes back to the OT, I think there should be a big focus on bringing back BF2015 maps, slowly. Not only do I think it's a great idea, but I think it's an inevitability. DICE have long said that new content would take precedence over "old" content. And fans have a right to new maps as opposed to old ported maps. But I think we're nearing a point where we should start returning to our Battlefront roots.
The drip fed maps from Battlefront 2015 will be released as the game winds down and no more "new" content is planned. The likely candidates are Outpost Beta, Forest Moon of Endor, Sorosuub Centroplex, Graveyard of Giants, Cloud City, and Carbon Freeze Chambers. These will be the farewell tour and the last bits of content added.

Before that happens, I think we will receive new OT Content.

Hero Skins -
Obi Wan Kenobi (Legendary, Old Ben)

Maps -
SCARIF and DEATH STAR TRENCH RUN. These will be new versions, not ported maps. Infiltration and Battle Station will be reworked into new Galactic Assault Scenarios.

Capital Supremacy -
Original Trilogy maps will be added to Capital Supremacy.

Reinforcements -
We'll also see Rebel and imperial Reinforcements. Pilots for both factions, Rebel Commandos and Security Droids. Bespin Wing Guards, Royal Alderaan guards, Imperial Royal Guards and Shock troopers...

Thanks for hanging in there. The timeline gets harder to pinpoint. The further out we go, the more difficult it is to predict, but there is a lot of potential here and a long way to go before this game says farewell. We'll see how accurate I am with the August -December portion next week.


  • No offence, but how come you didn't just wait 5 days to see what it was rather than try and predict it in so much detail?
  • OutboundFlight1
    193 posts Member
    edited August 17
    Honestly I think this is too hopeful. I expect PVE in September, skins in October, and Felucia in November.

    Then drip fed ST content next year, if the game is still supported.
  • No offence, but how come you didn't just wait 5 days to see what it was rather than try and predict it in so much detail?

    part of the fun of speculation is seeing how close you are to being correct... I like talking Star Wars Battlefront. I'd like to see how close I am in 5 days
  • Scoundrel wrote: »
    No offence, but how come you didn't just wait 5 days to see what it was rather than try and predict it in so much detail?

    part of the fun of speculation is seeing how close you are to being correct... I like talking Star Wars Battlefront. I'd like to see how close I am in 5 days

    Fair enough then.
  • I tend to agree with most of this. I made a similar post in a 2020 wishlist thread about ST and OT coming to CS.

    Capital Supremacy needs more maps. I'd like to see a mix of new maps and them retrofitting existing GA maps just like they did PT era.

    As for Battlefront 2015? I think they might do some ports in, but not a lot. I think its a bit much to call that game our "roots". It's really a totally different game than anything else in the Battlefront series. If they port maps from that game, I expect it to be some of the more unique experiences like Sorosuub Complex and Bespin Cloud City.

    Alternatively they might just port the rest of the Extraction maps to give that game mode a boost. IMO they desperately need to bring Supremacy over and put it on the existing GA maps.

    I do agree that we need will get a new Scarif map instead of porting the old one. That new map could be designed with CS in mind.

    As for heroes, Poe and Hux are a must. Not sure about Snoke and Maz. I think Ep 9 will provide enough options to fill out the rest for ST. I think we could see them add Rogue One heroes with Scarif like Jyn and Krennic. Cassian Andor could be added too since he has an upcoming Disney+ show. Put in Dengar with him.

    A good guess at the roadmap though.
  • I also agree that this fall will be it for Prequel era for a while. I can definitely see them doing Padme, Cad Bane, Ahsoka, Ventress, and Felucia before shifting to other eras. At that point, Prequel Era content will have achieved a sort of parity with OT era content. I do think it will be Cad Bane over Jango Fett. Cad Bane ties in with Clone Wars, and I think Jango makes a better opposite for Mace Windu if they have plans to add him. Cad Bane also actually met Padme face to face, unlike Jango Fett.

    In my 2020 wishlist post, I felt like in Fall 2020 they might do a Mandalore themed set of content with would be a mix of Prequel Era and the Mandalorian show:
    • Mandalore as a new location for CS (Siege of Mandalore)
    • New location from the Mandalorian show
    • New heroes would be the Mandalorian himself, IG-88, Bo Katan, Pre-Visla
    • New reinforcements would include Death Watch commandos and Night Owls commandos. Night Owls could actually be Rebellion OT era reinforcements too since they were in Rebels.
  • Lyc4n
    1164 posts Member
    I also believe this is too hopefull for what will be announced, even if alot of it is true like skins they wont announce all the skins coming in the future, we are just normally suprised with skins now. What if instead of getting arc troopers we are getting galactic marines instead of giving them as just a skin?
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