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HvV: How about a "Carbonite" game mode devs?

One of my favourite game modes back in Unreal Tournament was called Freon. This was a variant on TAM (Team Arena Master) where when you died, you were frozen rather than respawning. Your "Thaw" status started at 0% and ended at 100%. Every second you gained 1%, but if a teammate was near you, you thawed faster - the more teammates, the faster the thawing. (After a certain time, automatic thawing stopped, and health started draining, so matches couldn't be won by hiding and could never last very long)

This was a lot more interesting tactically than a regular TDM and was very popular on servers that had the mod installed.

Anyway, I think it could be a good fit for HvV, though as its star wars you'd have to replace Freon with Carbonite :lol:

WDYT folks? Sound like fun?


  • If they ported the Carbonite Freezing Chamber map from BF2015, that sounds like it could be a pretty cool mode. If I were doing it, I'd frame it similarly to Blast, with each side having a blaster hero frozen in Carbonite in various locations of the map and your team has to get past enemy infantry to unfreeze your hero. The thawing could be set on a timer your team has to activate and enemy infantry could deactivate it before the hero is completely thawed so there would be some objective to the mode. From there, it could function like Blast and the objective would be defeating all of the enemy troops or, to throw a different twist into it, each side could have multiple blaster heroes frozen in Carbonite and after thawing (you'd only be able to have one unfrozen at a time), the winning team would be the one that defeats the opposing team's heroes.
  • Anything that isn't the boring TDM we have now. I'm all for something like this
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