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The Prophecy Of OOM-9 For BattleFront 2

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Greetings new members/guests. Your probably asking yourself this question "Who and what is this OOM-9 and who is this guy thinking he can to talk me." Well my friends OOM-9 is the only effective seperatist villain from the Prequel trilogy outside of Dooku, Maul, and Palpatine. The only Prequel villain who actually won a battle and the true Phantom Menace of Episode 1 as he was working behind the scenes subjating the planet. Need to know more?

What is OOM-9?:

OOM-9 was the head Droid Commander during the invasion of Naboo and head of Nute Gunray's personal guard. For the duration of the Federation's occupation of Naboo, OOM-9 would be deployed across the planet in multiple campaigns to suppress insurrections and protect the Trade Federation's interests. From deactivating and destroying Communication Relays at the start of the invasion, stopping the Naboo Rebellion from obtaining a "Droid Control Program" which could shut a large portion of the Federation's army. All the while combating the Gungan army with Darth Maul, as they searched for the Gungan Cities. So trusted was his competency in the field that Nute Gunray and Rune Haako personally vouched for the Droid when Maul deemed him a "Inept B-1" upon first encountering him

Why do I like OOM-9?:
I like OOM-9 because he represents a forgotten idea in the Prequels. The idea of giving the Battle Droids personalities of their own outside of comedy. Which was mostly forgotten with the exception of a few Tactical and Super Tactical droids in the Clone Wars TV Series
Thus with most of OOM-9's Stories from James Luceno's End Game, Galactic Battle-Grounds, TPM Novel, being removed from Canon and rebranded as Legends you can pull material from his original stories while also creating new directions for him granting him tremendous potential for storytelling.

Plus him being a Machine Commander alone makes him unique when compared to the Flesh and Blood Imperial Officers. OOM-9 hasn't been forgotten by Lucasfilm either Recently he was featured in the "In-Universe" book "Star Wars: At The Front Lines" where his exploits on Naboo where described in more detail along with appearances in mobile games
The Star Wars universe really needs some more droid characters what with HK-47 being no longer canon and OOM-9 is that droid

Why should OOM-9 be included?:
Outside of what I just wrote in the previous section. I believe OOM-9 could be given a interesting set of abilities and play-styles to reflect his unique status, the same way Phasma and even Nien Nunb in the previous game were treated. His lack of material in the current canon means the DICE team could be as experimental as they want with his playstyle and powers while keeping to the known constraints of the B1-Battle Droids that are set down.

And on top of being a Prequel character, OOM-9 could be completed quite easily when compared to other characters as a Droid Officer model is already in the game
So what do you all personally think of the OOM-9 character and would you like to see him included in the game?


OOM-9 Concepts:
My Concept for OOM-9:
Health 575:
1. Upgraded Optics: OOM-9 possesses upgraded Thermal Binoculars. Which upon tagging a enemy will mark them for the entire Dark Side team for 15 seconds, The Thermal Binoculars scan range will also go partially through walls much like Bossk's Thermal Vision.
This weapon will enable the Dark Side team to have a proper counter to Rey's Insight
2. Superior Engineering: OOM-9 greatly accelerates the Star Card Recharge time for nearby Friendlies within his cone of effect. This effect will function in the style of Yoda's Presence and Finn's Big Deal
This gives the Dark Side team a counter to the Support abilities of most of the Light-Side's Heroes while being unique in it-self as the Recharge Command Card the Infantry Officer possesses has not been made into a Hero Power
3. Scorched Earth: OOM-9 can toss a upgraded Incendiary Grenade to wall off sections of the map for a short time or burn groups of enemies
This Grenade alone will make OOM-9 more interesting and give the Dark Side a more mobile and flexiable area denial weapon
Elite E-5: OOM-9's E-5 would function as a Burst Blaster rifle in the same vain of Boba's EE-3 and the Infantry A-280. it would fire 5 shots, but the burst would be less controlled then Boba's EE-3 to account for the Battle-Droid not being very mechanically stable and suffer higher recoil and more spread to make it more unique compared to the previous two weapons
Thaigo's Concept:
Weapon: RG-4D
Health: 650/Regen threshold: 200
ABILITY (R1/RB) / 20s CD / ⦗System disruption⦘ - Produces a shockwave around OOM-9. Any enemies caught in the wave have their abilities put on cooldown and their weapons overheat
ABILITY (L1+R1/LB+RB) / 18s CD / ⦗Superior Tactics⦘ - Friendly vehicles close to oom-9 gain 25% damage reduction, Friendly infantry and OOM-9 gain 25% increased damage against infantry, 25 damage reduction and plus 130 health and also 50% increased damage against vehicles.
ABILITY (L1/LB) / Toggle ability/ ⦗Scout Binoculars⦘- This nifty Asset gadget is used to spot opponents on the map for the benefit of the user and their team. enemies spotted will show up in the enviromment for all teammates and have their weapons overheating 35% faster and slighty slower movement speed for 12
But incase you do not know who OOM-9 is
OOM-9 Hero Concept by AzelfandQuilava

OOM-9 Canonical Material Check-List:

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
William Shakespeare's The Phantom of Menace: Star Wars Part the First
Ultimate Star Wars (Reference Guide)
Star Wars: On the Front Lines (Reference Guide)
Darth Maul: "Who is supervising the search for the Gungan cities?" Nute Gunray: "Commander OOM-Nine." Darth Maul: "A droid. The predecessor of your inept B-Ones." Rune Haako: "A superior droid, Lord Maul. Viceroy Gunray's personal guard."
The OOM-9 Thread


  • I think Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds might be reinstalled on my PC as soon as I get some free time.

    IMO, bring OOM-9 into BUGfrontII, it'll be a great addition
    Tired of BUGs?

    Well, they'll still exist.
    But visit the Rogue Bros Channel, there we document many BUGs and possible workarounds for them. There's also gameplay and other videos related to EA's Star Wars Battlefront (I & II)
  • But what about the droid attack on the wookies?
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