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BF15 is better than BF2



  • It says it in the title really BF2 is pants apart from the graphics it hasn’t really moved on. Weapons are at an absolute minimum, no stats (at least for PS4 users) ally vehicles show as enemy approaching on radar (from day 1 not fixed) hero on hero combat is terrible compared to BF15 could actually have a good duel whereas now 1 heroes either buffed too much other is too little etc but I think the main point is BF2 has become too boring too soon because of the crap and inconsistencies. BF15 was pretty good but you’ve changed too much and it’s not enjoyable

    I started playing both at each of their launches, and this is my take on them:

    Battlefront 2017 has much better gameplay; way smoother, interactive and just a lot more fun. I also think the 2017 heroes are a massive improvement, they're a blast to play as. With that being said, BF2015 was a better game in every aspect. More DLC, better road-maps, set-in content, no drip-feeding, MUCH better execution. BF2015's game modes are also way better, BF2017 doesn't really have much diversity when it comes to game modes.

    All in all, if I had to rate my experience with each game it'd be like this:
    BF2017 - 6/10, amazing ideas but AWFUL execution / post-launch
    BF2015 - 7.5/10, gameplay is more boring/generic but overall much better experience.

    In what way is the Battlefront 2017 gameplay better lol?
    You must play the game with eyes closed or something
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    To the op, it’s better in every way imo, and by a big margin. This game does have CW content and more heroes so that’s the only plus vs the last game imo. I could go into major detail but don’t feel it matters at this point. It’s two completely different playing games for what imo are two different types of gameing play styles.

    The only commoner denominator is they’re both Starwars and they’re both 3rd person, but they play as different as cod does from battlefield imo
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  • vonVile wrote: »
    WA is better than anything in BF2. The thing that made it fun was the unpredictability factor. This was done with the Power Up tokens that randomly gave a high powered weapon like; Orbital Strike, Respulse Rifle, Blast Cannon, etc.
    BF2's GA is boring because of the class system limiting choice thus making every map scenario feel exactly the same. You know exactly what situation you are in by what enemy you see. There are no surprises in game play.

    Unpredictability? It was the exact same objective across every map. Not a bad mode, but GA is better as the objectives alter depending on the map / era / environment. Just seems like a bit more effort has been put into it objective-wise, as opposed to WA which got boring pretty quick.

    The objective was the same, but the game play was vastly different and diverse than GA. WA was just about holding and taking over beacons, but it was unique by how maps were designed in each scenario. GA version of WA is just shooting a super slow ion cannon at an AT-AT before the enemy kills you.

    You just can't do the things in WA that are done in GA. One of my greatest moments in WA as a trooper was taking down Boba Fett single handedly while defending the beacon inside the bunker on Sullust. He was trying to enter the bunker and I already had a Thermal Detonator. I toss it into the corridor he was in as he was killing somebody on my team. I ran to where the beacon was getting a second Thermal Detonator and quickly tossed it in the corner before Boba Fett caught up to me and ran to hide behind to beacon for protection. Just as Boba Fett was about to reach me the Thermal Detonator went off killing him, but I was luckily out of range. You just can't tell great war stories like this in GA.
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