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So before we do Heroes Unleashed again, can we do this first?

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Work on the bugs that have been in-game since day one, seriously its ridiculous at this point. Second, test your servers DICE, the lag problems are crazy every time its heroes unleashed. Abilities dont work more than they usually dont and its just frustrating at times. Sure you get a good game here and there but then next match, you do repulse(I play as Luke a lot so this is my example) and two half health troopers are right next to you get hit. Sure they get knocked over but do they die? Nope, no health lost on their part.

What's worse is when this happens against other heroes. Using the same example, I kylo with a repulse and he is NOT blocking. Does anything happen? Nope, he just gets a nice white outline that mocks you in the face.
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  • Disboy
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    They fix the bugs they can catch, and the ones they don’t, well hopefully they’ll eventually get by the next update.
  • Imladithil2002
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    edited August 19
    Yeah, that can be very frustrating. Yesterday i tried to complete the milestone, where you have to kill 3 enemies with Bobas rocket barrage at once. I played on Kamino and i saw 4 base troopers, 1 jet trooper and 1 ARC Trooper standing next together on a platform in front of the hangar, sniping on the landing field, so i fired my rockets on them. They were health-buffed by an officer and then they lost exactly that 100 bonus health, no more, no one died.
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