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We really need more Hero/Villain Skins

I know some people will disagree with me on this and totally dismiss it as it's not important, Which your right. But at the same time it is kinda important.

I'd really like to see more Hero/Villain skins. It would be nice to have, Like for example: More skins for Luke (Yoda on his back :D ) Darth Maul (Hooded) Or Maybe even...Palpatine? (with that red outfit :# )

I could go on and on but, I'll let you decide what skins you would like to see on characters. They don't have to be from just the star wars movies, Go beyond that!


  • Some characters do not have any skins at all, for example Darth Maul, while some have almost the same additional skins (Grievous or Lando for example).
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