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I am so happy this is not pay to win anymore

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So I just hit level 50 about a couple of weeks ago. My highest played classes sre Enforcers and Heavies. I play console and that trophy is 2% rare..2%???

Can you imagine how difficult it is to level up everything? I think we should really try to understand how bad the progession system could have stayed. I still have vehicles to play, hereos Ive never tried etc.

Hope this game continues to thrive. Its still a buggy mess but Imma keep coming back


  • Never really was.
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  • Never really was.

    How so?
  • EA should never have been greedy and launched with the flawed progression system that they did, but it was never pay to win. The best star cards don't make a player better or guarantee them wins. It's a shame BFII had to be ground zero for how not to launch a game.
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