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Your Plans for the upcomming Tripple Exp event?

Anyone has a plan for next week (apart from monday)?

I got mine. Will try to "finish" the game, at least the ground combat game, next week.
With "Finish" meaning getting gold tags on all units + all of the challenges/Achivements done

Tuesday: Bossk Lvl 35->41; Leia Lvl 33->41 (HVV)

Wednesday: Sniper Class from 50 to 87 (TDM, using infiltration ability)
( i need the additional 16 levels in order to get the veteran Exp achivement done. Some of my units were leveld "too high" when the progression system changed)

Thursday: Finn: Lvl 32->41; Iden Lvl 37->41 (HVV or GA, prolly HVV)

Friday: Assault Class: Lvl 46->87 (TDM) (Reason for additional levels see Wednesday)

Saturday: Lando: Lvl 27->41; Phasma Lvl 28-> 41

Sunday: Officer Lvl 72 to LVL 88 (Reason for additional levels see Wednesday)

Any time i got left after that: Level all Starfighters from Lvl 25 to 41. All Hero Ships from Lvl 18-23 to lvl 41.

I certainly will not be able to finish the Starfighters. But for the rest i should be fine.

Whats your Plan, if you have one?


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