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Don’t get your hopes up

Remeber, if we have high hopes for something it’s going to end up with “aw man that stuff didn’t come” (Just what happened with the clone commando rumors) If we have low hopes we end up “wow I didn’t knew this stuff was going to be added” like in June.


  • Considering that it's been over 1 year since anything of any value has been added to the game why would anyone have high hopes? I'm more concerned if what they add will break the game.
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  • DICE, why you don’t release an update in month X that focus only on quality of life changes, balancing and bug fixing? (without adding new contents)
  • I hope for Ahsoka
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  • I think this game is going to be dead by the holidays at this rate
  • Don't ever get your hopes up with this game. Some content has been good, others not so much. Loads of people make 'wish' threads and end up disappointed. Like requests for hero skins. And with commandos obviously.

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