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So who here is going to Gamescom?

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So how many of you guys are going to Gamescom?

For those of you that go, will you be recording/live streaming the event? Will you post the reaction videos for everyone to see?

For those who go, if any of you happen to meet Ben Walke, Charlemagne, or anyone from the BF2 Dev. team, would you mind asking them some questions on behalf of me and other people from other BF2 forums?

The questions could be the following:
- If we get new maps, what are the chances that they'll be brought over to other modes?
For example, if Coruscant were to be added, would it also get a Starfighter Assault map, Extraction map, etc. Imagine Coruscant without the Space Battle of Coruscant.


I know how Starfighter Assault and Extraction scored on the June Community Survey, but if they add new maps where they are possible, I think that they should be there.

- What are the chances of OT and ST getting some new content. For example, an OT version of Capital Supremacy, new OT and ST reinforcements, etc.

I really hope we get to see some Rogue One and The Rise of Skywalker content.

- Can we expect new weapons to be coming any time soon?

- other questions.

If you guys are able to get the chance to talk with them could you please ask them some of these question?
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